Architectural presentation is a way for architecture students to best represent their projects. Successful architectural presentations mean good presentation of architectural projects and therefore it is very important. In this article, you will see the content of architectural presentations, the points to be considered for successful architectural presentations and  popular types of architectural presentation.

Contents of Architectural Presentations

The drawings included in the architectural presentations are created to represent your project. The most important criterion while creating the content is the harmony of the drawings and all other representations in the content. Architectural presentations should first explain the design process of your project well. Making an architectural presentation is similar to storytelling, so it is necessary to explain the process down to its initial ideas and final touches. The analysis and concept development stages, which are the first steps of the design process, should take place at the beginning of the architectural presentation. Your presentation should definitely include advanced architectural analysis, and then you should explain how you turned your ideas into design with concept diagrams.

After concept diagrams and collages, you can start adding architectural representation. Architectural presentation should include these stages and technical drawings, master plan sections and floor plans should be in the middle of the presentation without missing. Regardless of your presentation style, the architectural representation must be complete. Renders, images of your project and other details can be added to the end of the architectural presentation. For a successful architectural presentation, we recommend adding small-scale application details at the end of the presentation.

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How To Make a Successful Presentation

There are some things you need to pay attention to in order to prepare a successful presentation. The first of these is color choices. While presenting architectural projects, you should create a pleasant color palette by complying with the textures and colors of the project.

If the format of your architectural presentation is board, it is necessary to create the right template in order to represent your project well. You may have misunderstood the design process of your project with a poorly designed template, or you may not have been able to explain it at all. Since architectural presentation is like storytelling, make sure you convey the process cleanly from start to finish on architectural design boards as well.

In addition, it is important that the images you use are high resolution and legible. Renders and all other drawings must be included in the presentation as high-quality and high-resolution images. In particular, the renders and the images you create over them describe your project in the clearest way possible.

Explanatory texts are helpful when making an architectural presentation to explain the design process of your project and all the elements it contains. The thing you need to pay attention to when adding texts to the architectural presentation is that it is not in a very long and illegible format. If you fill in the presentation of your project with long texts, the architectural drawings you want to appear will remain in the background. At this point, the hierarchy within the presentation is important. In other words, keep the elements you want to appear the most large and in the foreground. However, include descriptive and auxiliary elements such as text in an easy-to-read font and correct font.

Types of Architectural Presentation

Architectural projects are in different programs and at many different scales. Likewise, architectural representations can be of different types. The content of architectural presentations and the tips for success may vary according to the difference of these styles.

  1. Architectural Presentation Boards

Architectural presentation boards are the type of presentation in which the design process is explained with more than one board. When these presentation boards come together, they complete the story. In general, the first panel contains the concept and analysis, the other panels contain architectural drawings.

  1. Animated Presentations

Architectural presentations can also be made in animated GIF and video formats. In this type of presentations, we can say that diagrams and atmospheric renderings are presented very successfully.

Source: 20 Creative Animated Gifs that play with Architecture | ArchEyes
  1. Illustrated Presentations

As we have said, architectural presentation is a form of storytelling. You can choose an illustrative method when telling the story of your project. It is possible to present all stages of the project with illustrations. You can present different scenarios in your project with diagrammatic illustrations and use these 3D illustrations instead of renders.

Source: Architectural Illustrations (2020-2021) on Behance

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