Architectural presentation boards are an important issue for architecture students to be successful in school projects and architectural competitions. This article contains 5 important elements that you should read before designing a successful architectural presentation boards.

The Elements of The Presentation Boards

  1. Template

The layout design is one of the most significant elements of the architectural presentation boards. Presentation boards should make the projects understandable in every details. If a presentation board has crowded and eye-catching layout, it is rough to understand the project’s content. The template of the presentation board should include the concept, the explanation text and other architectural representations in very clear way. The people who look around the presentation board, they need to catch the relations between each board and each drawing in the boards. You can make this with a well-designed template in architectural presentations.

Source: Competition Asks Young Architects to Transform Abandoned Factory into Cultural Center | ArchDaily
  1. Colors

The color selection of the architectural presentation boards is the most important element that will show your designs in the best way. An architectural presentation with good color choices is quite successful in terms of representing the project. You need to create the most suitable color palette for your architectural presentation boards. Our advice to you is to pay attention to the colors you start using in the early stages of your project. Because the colors and textures you use in the project will be a reference for the color palette you will choose in the presentation. It is impossible to act independently of the design when creating the color palette. That’s why you should first choose a palette from the colors of your architectural project that you are presenting, and then decide what you want to use among these colors. Your color palette is as important as a template because the first thing that catches your eye when looking at a presentation board is the colors. The harmony of colors with each other and with the architectural project represents whether the board is well designed or not.

  1. Text

The purpose of architectural presentation boards is to represent your project in the best possible way. Therefore, in addition to explaining your design with architectural drawings, diagrams and visuals, you should also add texts to your architectural presentation board. These texts should not occupy a very large area in the template of the board, our aim is not to present the project with texts. However, we should put texts with short and clear explanations. Architects should consider every detail of the presentation boards as a designer, as they choose and design every stage of the project in accordance with the architectural concept. For this reason, the text font on the presentation board also has an importance. You should write the text for which you have decided on the font, not in a very long and illegible font, but in a short and medium size font. Architectural representation should be made through architectural diagrams and drawings. Take care that the texts do not attract attention before the representation.

Source: Competition Asks Young Architects to Transform Abandoned Factory into Cultural Center | ArchDaily
  1. Images

Images will attract the attention of even non-architects on your architectural design board. Your rendering and all architectural images, technical drawings should all be of high quality images. The images on the architectural presentation board should be easy to read and the colors they contain should be compatible with the palette you have prepared. Take care to edit the renders with post production and make them ready for presentation. Unworked renders from rendering programs will make your architectural presentations look amateurish. Your technical drawings are indispensable for architectural presentations. When adding these drawings to the presentation, be sure to check their resolution. Also, to make technical drawings more readable, it would be a good decision for your presentation to edit them in a similar design language as your renders. Architectural presentations may consist of boards that complement each other when they are generally compatible with each other or even side by side.

Source: 10 Tips for Creating Stunning Architecture Project Presentation –
  1. Representing Architecture

Architectural presentations are architectural representations in themselves. Therefore, your presentation boards must have technical drawings and other architectural details. Architectural presentation boards contain architectural technical drawings in accordance with your style, in the colors of your color palette, and in harmony with other content. However, in architectural representation, you must make some adjustments and personalize your master plan, section and floor plans to make the drawings more legible.

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