Architecture is a discipline that covers a very wide field of study. Architects can develop themselves in numerous fields and make different career plans accordingly. Architecture is not about 2 types of work like project architecture or construction site architecture that we all know. In this article, students who will graduate from the faculty of architecture will help them make a career plan from the last year of the school. We will try to give you all kinds of innovative and traditional advice to start a career in architecture.

What Can An Architect Do?

Architecture includes a wide range of fields of study, from urban design to materials, from graphic design to software. Architects can choose what they want among these wide options and make a career plan. There are many options for starting a career for young architects who want to plan their careers. Choosing between these options is based on your interests. It will be easier for you to make your decision, especially in the last year of school. Because when you come to your final year at the faculty of architecture, you can take a look at your past projects and developing ideas. What field of architecture did you focus on? Are you better at architectural presentation or technical details? Construction and materials or conceptual architecture near you? Evaluate your final years of school to start asking yourself these questions. The answers you give when you graduate will help you launch your career.

Source: How to Build a Career in Architecture | Plan n Design

Career Options in Architecture

Do you want to choose the one that suits you among the many career options? Let’s take a look at what fields you have the chance to work in after graduation to start your career in architecture.

-Landscape/Urban Design: One of the traditional field in architecture regarding with the big scale and public spaces. You can continue your master degree with landscape design or urban design as an architect.

-Interior Design: After graduating bachelor in architecture, you may work on interior spaces as an architect. Interior design and details should be learned for a few years in an interior architecture office specifically.

-Restoration: Restoration is also one of the traditional field which includes maintenance, renovation and conservation of architectural heritages in all around the world.

-Construction & Building Technologies: Construction is the applying process of architectural projects. Collective working is must to work on construction sites with architectures, engineers and technicians. Building technologies and construction is one of the technical side of architecture. Construction site chiefs and site architectures work on that field.

-NFT in Architecture: The newest field in architecture, you can follow the innovations to catch the developments in this universe.

-History in Architecture: Architectural and art history is one of the richest field in architecture to research and work. History is inspirational in architecture, you can continue with history in architecture with master and doctorate degree.

-Graphic Design: Architectural presentation is popular and important topic in architecture. Presentation methods. Your architectural presentation method reflects your architectural character. Starting your career in graphic design gets you very good at architectural presentations

Source: On the Importance of Feedback: How Architects and Designers Can Improve Office Culture | Features | Archinect

How Can You Find Your Way?

You already have seen what kind of options are available before starting your career in architecture. In addition to these options, there are also architects who turn to civil engineering or more artistic fields. We know that there are architects who are experts in building materials, decoration and even photography. The critical perspective, aesthetic perception and vision provided by architecture allow you to make career plans in different fields. Now it’s up to you how to find your own way. The most important thing to consider when directing your career in architecture will be in which field you feel good. Your only motivation should not be money or material productions. Against the stressful working conditions of architecture, you need to make sure you work in the field you love.

Master & Doctorate Programs After Bachelor in Architecture

Before starting your career, you need to make your decision about participating in master’s or doctoral degree programs in any field. If your career plan is parallel to academia, you should definitely get at least a master’s level education in the field you are interested in. However, if you think that you will work in the field of creating more projects and projects, master and doctoral programs can even be a waste of time. It will be very important to have experiences as soon as possible.


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