Undoubtedly, an architecture student is always open to producing, developing, hardworking and creative but he has very little time! Architecture students who spend their time reading, researching and working hard to develop designs may need a good practical assistant to create different sketches and drawings.

Tablets can assist architects in creating and carrying out their designs more effectively. Students of architecture are still somewhat uncertain about the feasibility of producing significant work on an iPad. Do you need to set aside money for an iPad Pro while you’re a student? What else do tablets have to offer the professional architect other being portable, untethered screens?

We want to clarify this issue in this article.

Why Should an Architecture Student Get iPad Pro?

You need from a tablet as an architecture student, a powerful battery, a large storage, a moveable and practical size, a compatible operating system with your other devices. Apple has iOS operating system and if you have Apple devices as a mobile phone or computer, you need to have iPad Pro or another model of iPad to connect your devices easily. iPad Pro is one of the best quality tablets for architecture student due to its operating system, powerful battery, size and accessories supporting.

Credit: Architects and the New iPadPro: Should You Buy One? | ArchDaily

If we talk about the speed, all of Apple’s products have exclusive Apple CPU hardware, which is renowned for beating its rivals. The iPad Pro is so quick that it even outperforms the speed of the most recent MacBook.

As an architecture student, your expectation should practical and speed drawing experience from an iPad Pro. Make sure that you will experience drawing in a practical and easy way with the Pen you will buy next to the iPad Pro, which is impossible to compete with its competitors in terms of speed.

Things You Can Do With iPad Pro

There are valid reasons to believe that, at this time, the tablet has a promising future as a fully integrated tool in the architect’s workflow based on samples of what architects are currently producing. The creators of iPad Pro drawing apps like ProCreate, Shapr3D, and TracePro hope to capture the most perfect method of creation in a way that doesn’t appear entirely openly automated.

Credit: 14 Best‌ ‌Architecture Apps for iOS ‌in‌ ‌2021‌ | free apps included – InspirationTuts

There is No Limit for Creativity

With iPad Pro, there is no limit to being innovative and creative in design. Because with the help of iPad Pro, it is much more practical to sketch every idea that crosses your mind, to take quick and original notes as an architecture student, compared to computers or notebooks. Besides, we cannot say that there is a limit to what you can design with the iPad Pro. With iPad Pro, you can produce on all the subjects you need in architecture school or in daily life.

Credit: Top 5 Sketching Apps on iPad for Product Designers – Yanko Design

Concepts App for iPad Pro

It is possible to do interior sketching, construction detail sketching, conceptual sketching, diagram creation. You can even take original sketches, notes and develop great concepts for your designs thanks to apps like Concepts or GoodNotes.

Credit: Top 5 Sketching Apps on iPad for Product Designers – Yanko Design

GoodNotes App for iPad Pro

Examples of iPad Pro Works

The prominence of many architects and architecture students on social media and in architecture school depends on their success in digital sketches and the authenticity of their architectural presentations. We’ve brought together inspiring architectural sketches and presentations created with iPad Pro for you.

Credit: Architectural Design Sketching on the iPad • Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

Concepts App for iPad Pro

Credit: The Best Apps for Architects – Our Selection for 2020 | ArchiSnapper Blog

Morpholio App for iPad Pro

Credit: Procreate App – 3DSHOPFREE.COM

Procreate App for iPad Pro

Credit: Architectural Design Sketching on the iPad • Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

Concepts App for iPad Pro

Credit: Sketching — #1 Blog on Interior Design Drawing — School of Sketching by Olga Sorokina

Procreate App for iPad Pro

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