What are your habits? How do you continue your architectural development in daily life? We will talk about the habits that architecture students should maintain throughout their lives.

  1. Galleries and Museums
Credit: The 10 Best Museums & Galleries in London for Architecture Lovers | by Architectour Guide | Medium

Architecture is a discipline between art and science, which concerns the whole of society. Every architect is a designer who feeds himself with art. It is unthinkable for an architecture student to stay away from art.  When we talk about habits that will be productive for architecture students and will lead them to success, we should definitely mention visiting art galleries and museums.

Visiting museums, temporary art exhibitions and galleries frequently feeds your artistic side and is a habit that will improve this side of you as an architecture student.

  1. Visiting Important Buildings
Credit: Beautiful Examples of When Historic and Modern Architecture Come Together | Architectural Digest

No matter which country you live in, there are important structures that you must visit. It should be a habit of yours to visit the buildings that are important in architecture and to read the buildings in the city life. When you make it a habit to read buildings, you will have gained a very powerful talent for your designs.

If you have the opportunity, plan your holidays in different countries and cities, visit the buildings we mentioned in the article 5 Architectural Buildings To Visit. Reading important buildings like these, understanding their periods, making sketches and thinking about them are habits that will increase your architectural skills.

Credit: Visit Milwaukee – Historic Architecture in Milwaukee
  1. Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!
Credit: Architectural Sketching:10 Architecture Sketching Tips (arch2o.com)

For all the trips we have suggested up to this point, you need a very important habit for all the ideas that come to your mind in your daily life. Yes, sketching is the most important habit!

If you do not sketch a lot, make it a habit to think through sketches and write your ideas in the sketchbook. Get lovely markers, pens and notebooks to get motivated to sketch. In the initial stages, you can imitate the sketches of others and experiment with sketches until you find your own lines. What did they say? Fake it till make it.

The old ones you make will improve day by day and have a certain characteristic, so don’t worry about it.

Credit: My approach to sketching architecture – Liz Steel : Liz Steel
  1. Read A Lot
Credit: JAZ ARCHITECT (tumblr.com)

Architectural readings especially support your conceptual work. The books that are in our Best books for architecture students article among the books that every architecture student should read. If you want to get into the habit of reading and increase architectural reading, you can start with these books.  When you think of architectural readings, you can think of not only books, but also buildings, various writings, and even movies. As an architect, reading movies from an architectural point of view and analyzing spaces should be among your habits. You can read architectural magazines in print and follow social media accounts.

  1. Keep Themselves Up to Date
Credit: The Best Books on Architecture, Art, and Design to Read While at Home | Architectural Digest

Architecture updates itself very quickly. It is essential for every architect to follow not only architectural but also artistic, technological and political developments. A good architect has a mission to improve his environment, country and environment. For this reason, it is a very important habit to keep themselves updated.

To support this habit, acquire the habits we described in the previous steps. Afterwards, try to stay active both on social media and in your social life to stay up to date.  We recommend that you follow digital and printed publications about architecture. Keeping up with current trends and projects is very advantageous for you both in professional life and in school years.

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