Architecture is a rare domain that combines art with science. With rapid urbanization still ongoing, architecture and related services continue to grow exponentially in demand and importance. Total revenue from architecture in the US has been steadily growing for the past decade, with projections into the next few years and long-term future forecasts even more promising. Having scratched the surface, let’s deep-dive into five main reasons you should choose to pursue architecture studies.

Become a well-rounded thinker

Unlike more specific and narrowly-oriented specializations like accounting, architecture is a multi-dimensional domain and involves a multitude of aspects like sketching, drawing, physics, art, cultural awareness, and much more.

Skills that you hone studying architecture will carry over to every other profession should you choose to pursue another profession instead and even your personal life. Think of architecture as preparing you for a specialized role but also generally making you smarter.

Meet the Brightest and Most Diverse Peers

The importance of professions is skewed towards some and away from others in any country. Germany has the best doctors, and Zimbabwe isn’t famous for giving a lot of airline pilots to the world. This means every faculty is dominated by particular people and nations.

Architecture, on the other hand, is unilaterally important around the world, which means it attracts all kinds of people from all parts of the world. The only thing they all have in common is high intelligence, judging by choice of profession. You can get acquainted with interesting people of varying mentalities and from cultural backgrounds.

All college learning involves some degree of paper writing, no matter the field of study. As a prospective architect, your design software programs may well be your pen and paper, but you still won’t escape the need to fix up an occasional essay for assignments. We all have priorities and points of weakness, and college essays can be a real snooze fest. When you’re out of time or nerve, TopEssayWriting to your rescue! This premium writing service is renowned for its diverse writing staff and ability to tackle highly specialized subjects.

Travel Opportunities

This one is kind of obvious and self-explanatory. As an architect of international caliber and worldwide renown, you will have opportunities to work in foreign countries all over the world. People pay to travel; you can be paid to travel.

Sounds like a long shot? Need a more immediate benefit to be swayed? We got you covered. Most contemporary architecture schools offer regular tours showing their students the architectural wonders of the world so they can learn from the best and gain inspiration.

Make a Good Living

Passion for craft, specific talent, family business, and life’s calling aside, financial well-being is the primary reason people work and a weighty, if not decisive, factor when choosing a faculty to pursue.

Architecture is rightfully considered one of the highest-paying and most respected professions out there. Famous architects like Renzo Piano and Frank Gehry, the men behind The Centre Pompidou and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, respectively, are both multimillionaires. In not getting you featured on Forbe’s list, becoming an architect will at least guarantee a well-above-average, successful, and financially prosperous life. Here are some architecture design skills that will help you along the way and boost your progression towards a brighter future.

Leave a mark

As mentioned above, architecture is a form of art. The difference is it pays in life, not only after death like some other forms. It gives you a chance to create something truly meaningful and inspirational. You can create your style and leave a unique footprint that future generations of architects and common folk will ponder with wonder and admiration.

Wrapping Up

To round up all the aforementioned, the field of architecture gives a rare opportunity to the most diversely gifted to flex their scientific and artistic muscles simultaneously and make a real difference while leaving their mark on future generations. Their domain being so nuanced and multivariable, great architects are hard to come by, which means they enjoy well-above-average annual salaries. You can even make good money while you are still studying. But bear in mind, architecture is meant for people driven by passion who have a knack for scientific thinking and creative power. This means you need to ask yourself whether it is truly for you and be prepared for years of arduous studying before you get the dividends we’ve talked about.


Diane Sherron is a popular blogger and travel enthusiast. Her father worked as an ambassador for the embassy, so the family had to move around a lot. Although inconvenient for other family members, this transient lifestyle grew on Diane and gave her a lifelong passion for travel. She documents next to every step of her travels for her dedicated readers.

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