Times are changing, and with that, interior design trends are evolving as well.

If these interior design trends for 2024 can tell us anything about the upcoming year, then we’re moving toward a sustainable, grounded life.

When you’re ready to wave goodbye to your current decorations, we’ve got some of the most popular design trends that will make waves this coming year. Although you shouldn’t expect or follow advice urging you to throw away any old knickknacks (we’re trying to be sustainable after all), you can make some swaps without as much as a dent in your wallet or ecological footprint.

Let’s get into it!

2024 is peaking at the door and we can’t wait to see what it brings us. Here are some of the most interesting interior design trends that are bound to leave a mark on this upcoming year.


Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in the level of importance of sustainability in the average person’s life. This is more than just a passing design phase; it’s become a lifestyle for many. And that’s something to celebrate.

When it comes to interior design, we’ll be seeing a stronger emphasis on raw, eco-friendly materials, earthy tones, and calming atmospheres. Aside from this, many are using more renewable resources and integrating energy-efficient solutions into their homes like solar panels.


For years, green living has been more than just a mere trend – it’s a staple. The beauty of nature permeates every aspect of interior design, with biophilic design elements taking center stage in many homes and commercial spaces.

Although greenery has never been “out,” we’ve been seeing a shift toward more no-frills, low-maintenance alternatives like artificial options. Artificial green walls, for example, have risen in popularity these past few years, highlighting our intrinsic desire to be closer to nature even when tucked away at home.

And coupled with a slew of other nature-inspired elements, many have found ways to experience the benefits of nature without the perils of upkeep.

Smart Tech

Technology has been revolutionizing our lives for years and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s becoming an even bigger part of our lives with each passing day.

We expect homes in 2024 to be smarter and more technologically savvy. People will begin including smart tech options like voice-activated lighting and AI-powered home management to make their lives easier and more convenient.

This way, homeowners and business owners alike will benefit from homes adapted to their ever-changing needs, ensuring the home’s longevity and comfort in a rapidly changing world.


As it seems, minimalism is on its way out, with bold colors and patterns taking over the throne. “Dopamine decor” has been a growing trend these past few years and focuses on interior design elements that trigger your happiness hormones and bring you joy and delight. These elements include vibrant colors, lively patterns, and fun bits and bobs.

The main “culprit” for the rise of this trend is its ability to tap into the intrinsic human desire for happiness. Bold design choices and loud patterns coupled with a touch of subtlety where possible will make for an inviting ambiance and a harmonious space.

Although the minimalistic design is slowly fading, we will still see remnants of simplicity even in bold interiors.

Natural Light

On the heels of the greenery craze comes a love for natural light. Sunny interiors will be the cornerstone of 2024 homes and will welcome large windows, skylights, and well-placed mirrors that reflect light. Bright and airy spaces encourage the production of vitamin D and boost motivation, focus, and productivity.

If you don’t have an opportunity to add a big window to your room, you can still emulate the effect of a sunny space by using a bright color scheme and reflective surfaces. But keep in mind not to overwhelm your room with white and beige; add some more vibrant colors into the mix to break up the space. In the end, we’re after happiness, not monotony.


The push for companies and notable figures to be more authentic and personable has seeped into other areas of our lives too. In interior design, authenticity comes through with the homeowner’s personality and character. The more unique elements present in your space, the more it draws other people in and piques their interest in your story.

This doesn’t mean your room should be decked in photos or any and every trinket you can find. It simply means you should include any vintage finds, memorabilia, travel souvenirs, and personalized decor wherever possible.

In essence, your home should reflect your personality and include elements that mean something to you. By doing so, you’ll bring warmth and individuality to your home.

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