What is a place ? Somewhere that has some walls, objects, also people can live in ? Then what is a space ? Nothing ? No. Not exactly like this.

As an architect or designer, maybe you may have heard that contrast many times. As far as I am concerned these two things are almost the same. Let me explain like that; to an architect, space is anything that hosts  ‘Design‘.  Also place is something that already designed. But still you can keep designing the place and the space.

They are interwoven. Because every place has a space in it. Easy to think that, what about opposite side? Answer is much easier. To illustrate, imagine ‘that’ space, then put a human in it, then put a chair, maybe the human is waiting for someone or not. The thing that I am trying to say is, if someone is standing at space, that space becomes a place. That is why, space is the raw material an architect uses to create places, still it doesn’t make them different from each other, it makes them unique.

That contrast mentioned above, remind me the ‘Red Ball Project’.

I think images clarify the idea. Also if you are interested in it, you can also visit to learn much more about the project.

What is your opinion about connection between space and place ?

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