Keeping your outdoor living space clutter-free can be an uphill battle for a homeowner. A lot of unwanted mess can accumulate if you don’t take care of it, ruining the area’s look and functionality.

Installing a storage solution is the easiest way to tackle an untidy space. However, sometimes, these quick fixes can ruin the style of your outdoor area because they can stick out like a sore thumb.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. There are plenty of smart and stylish storage solutions that can blend with your decor. From built-in cabinets to cute bookshelves, let’s show you how to organize your home again!

Under-Deck Storage

If you have a deck on your property, it would be a mistake not to utilize it for storage space. This is an open opportunity for you to hide away all the mess lying around your garden without having to be too creative.

How you approach this depends on the type of deck you have. If the bottom is open, you can build around it to cover it up so nobody can see everything you’ve stored under there. All you need to do is source the same type of timber used for building the base so it matches the design.

Photo credit: Gilberto Olimpio

The other situation is when someone has already built around it; if that’s you, you’re in luck. You’ll only need to make a door, so you’ll be able to open it and take things out – or store them away.

Barn Style Garages

Whether it’s tools taking up too much room or a new car needing protection, barn-style garages are an excellent storage option. They blend perfectly with the decor of certain homes, particularly those in the countryside, with a classic, rural charm.

Affordable and multi-purpose, a barn-style garage can be tailored to your garden’s specifications to fit smoothly without ruining the aesthetics.

Small and Stylish Sheds

Instead of committing to building something on a big scale, like a barn-style shed, go smaller and build a cool little shed. If they are the same shade, these structures can blend beautifully with your home’s color scheme.

Say you own some heavy garden machinery, like a hedge trimmer or a leaf blower; a functional and stylish shed is an ideal place to store it. It’s also possible to transform them into something like an entertainment room for the kids or a home office.

Disguised Bin Cabinet

No matter how gorgeous your home decor is, the sight of bins can really ruin it, especially if they reek of your food from the night before. To deal with this, consider adding a disguised bin cabinet to the side of your home.

Since this type of storage unit is built on request, schedule a meeting with the contractor, show them your property’s style, and ask them to construct something that matches it. If your home follows a rustic design, consider a wooden compartment that will keep your bins out of sight from any visitors.

Build a Barbecue-Friendly Alcove

With the global barbecue market hitting a whopping 6.1 billion USD in 2023, the chances are you have a barbecue that needs storing for part of the year. Especially if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather.

While some homeowners use the classic barbecue protective sheets, the unit still takes up space in the garden when it’s not being used. If yours is bothering you, why not build a barbecue-friendly alcove? These open spaces are usually part of a bigger construction project, but they work wonders in terms of storage.

There are a couple of barbecue-friendly alcoves you can go for, but it will depend on how your property has been built. Here are some options to consider:

  • Built-in alcove: A hollow space in a large wall where a barbecue can slot in.
  • Covered alcove: A built-in area shielded with a cover.
  • Decking alcove: A fitted enclosure on an outdoor decking.

Pull-up Deck Compartments

Pull-up deck compartments are great for storing away small things that take up space on your outdoor terrace, like pillows or blankets you only need when it’s cold. Of course, it’s possible to build them bigger as long as it doesn’t impact the deck’s structure.

You don’t have to change your deck design if you opt for pull-up compartments. It’s only a matter of building a compartment below the deck that attaches to the ceiling, cutting out a piece, and installing a lever to pull it up.

Photo credit: Simeon Galabov

Get the Most Out of Your Home Space With These Storage Solutions

Make use of these smart and stylish storage solutions to get rid of the junk taking up all the space in your backyard. The style you want to showcase won’t be sacrificed, as all the options will integrate flawlessly with your outdoor decor.

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