Looking to refresh your home decor outside and turn it into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of? There are all kinds of ways you can choose to make your backyard a pure paradise for your family and visitors alike.

A lot of work goes into creating the perfect backyard retreat, so you’ll want to choose the right design that you can pull off. You might start by adding some bushes for extra privacy or take it further by including a secret pathway. The possibilities are endless.

If you need some inspiration, we’re here to help. We’ve handpicked our favorite design concepts that can breathe new life into your patio. Get ready to see your back garden transform into a magnificent outdoor haven.

Line Your Pathway With Plants

While this addition may sound so simple, lining your pathway with plants can be a game changer in terms of adding structure to your backyard with a colorful floral twist.

The only thing you have to watch out for is the type of plants you choose to go with. You want to avoid going with plants that may overgrow too much and leak out over the pathways because you’ll have to spend more time maintaining them. Consider going for plants like Moss Rose, Liriope, and Creeping Thyme that will add a magnificent flare without compromising the layout.

Stylish Wood Shed

Start your backyard makeover by adding some extra storage space with a stylish wood shed.

If you notice your garden’s appeal being infringed by clutter, a wooden shed is a practical storage solution that can add some visual appeal to your backyard.

Its unique design, with a steep roof pitch, big overhangs, wide trims, and large windows, is practical yet so easy on the eye. They come in various colors, allowing you to match them up with the rest of your garden’s color scheme.

Photo credit: Tanaphong Toochinda


Choose a design based on your needs and store whatever you need, whether it’s bikes, garden furniture, or anything you need to keep out of sight. Using it for something like an extra room is also totally doable. For example, you could set up a little bar in your garden or build a workstation.

A Greenhouse

Greenhouses can really ruin a garden’s appearance if they’re left looking raggedy and unmaintained. To avoid this, consider investing in a premium greenhouse that will effectively care for your plants and crops without sacrificing style.

Some of the best types of greenhouses have twin-wall polycarbonate that comes with a black metal wainscot and trim, giving them a beautiful look. To keep up with plant maintenance, they also feature an electric-powered exhaust fan and two sizable windows for optimal airflow.

While it’s mainly suited for gravel grounds, you can also opt for a floor built inside that will be just as good as the real thing.

Seclude Your Patio

Secluding your patio adds an extra layer of privacy to your backyard. Think outside the box on this one; consider using some trees or setting up artificial fencing to corner off a certain section of the space.

If you want to fully cover your patio with the help of a professional in the USA, it can cost between $5,800 and $27,400. You don’t have to completely seclude it, either. If you wanted just a little bit of cover, you could always add an umbrella or a canopy for a bit of shade while also allowing some light in. Remember, location is everything with this one. Your patio could be in the right position, but to fully seclude it, you could only add another small structure to the garden.

Photo credit: Arno Smit

Add a Pond

No outdoor oasis is complete without a water feature, so why not add a pond? This addition can be particularly special if you don’t have a focal point in your garden, as it will always draw attention no matter what.

Go with a small body of water for extra aesthetic charm, or take things to another level with something like a Koi Pond to hold some pets of your own.

You don’t have to stop at the pond, either. Plant some lovely flowers around it for a finishing touch, or source some garden chairs to position it as the center focus of your backyard.

What’s Next for Your Backyard?

With all these ideas, it’s understandable that creating your outdoor oasis can be overwhelming. Start off simple, make minor adjustments that can be changed, and see if you like them before doing anything irreversible.

Getting your backyard to look how you want it takes time. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same goes for a garden. It’s a long-term project that will require consistent work to match your vision.

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