Getting pendant lighting is the hack you need to elevate your home and take it from dull and drab to gorgeous and resplendent. The right lighting can lift your spirits and make the paint job and accessories in your house look even better! Although lighting is often not what designers focus on, you can make or break the room by choosing the right lights. Lighting can influence the mood, define areas or even visually make the room bigger.

The Basics of Lighting Types

Good lighting design is simple when you know the basics. Ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient light will help you see and move around space. A task light is quite the opposite, it helps to focus on a particular area (work or wall art).

Accent light’s best use is highlighting features. This includes art or a decorative element within your space, adding contrast and visual appeal. A combination of the three types is called lighting layers, which can be used to enhance a space. In a living room, this may look like using a ceiling fixture for ambient light – using table lamps and wall sconces for task and accent lighting.

Creative Lighting Solutions for Different Rooms

Different spaces in your home call for different types of lighting. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired. Some areas of your home require one type of lighting over another. The following should give you a better understanding:

Living Room:

This is an area where you can really use layered lighting. Combine chandeliers or pendant lights with floor lamps and table lamps. In this way, you can easily do your activities, read and entertain your guest.


Kitchen needs bright and functional lighting. You can install under-cabinet lighting for countertops. This is really a good idea it could serve in-form and function. You can also provide lighting on the island with pendant lights for an intimate feel.


Bedrooms need soft lighting, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with a pair of bedside lamps in place of overhead lighting. An overhead fixture can offer general ambient light for dressing and more.


In the bathroom, you need appropriate lighting for tasks like make-up or shaving. Sconces placed on the side of the mirror and vanity lights are the best way to go.

Enhancing Your Home with Pendant Lighting

Pendant light fixtures have so many uses. Whether they are a beautiful item above a living room coffee table, a task light above the kitchen island or even ambient light above the dining room table – they are truly the chameleons of lighting! Awesome transformations!

Serena & Lily offers an amazing line of timeless pendant lighting that will help elevate and brighten your home. A perfect option to bring effortlessly luxurious high-end residential interiors in any space.

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