If you’re an architect, social media can be a fantastic tool that attracts new clients and brings fans to your work. Let’s look at how you, as an architect, can boost your social media marketing. Also, learn how you can buy Instagram saves when you use ViralGrowing.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Matter for Architects?

First, we should explain why it matters in the first place that you should use social media if you’re an architect. Here are some reasons.

Find New Clients

First, social media can help you find new clients. Many high-profile clients, like businesses, will use social media. If they have a project that needs to be done, they may go to your profile, see your accomplishments, and send you a message.

Spread Brand Awareness

Even though you may not find clients directly through social media, spreading brand awareness is vital. If you have a memorable profile picture, a viral video, or a large presence online, many people will become aware of you. Someone may not use your services directly, but if they know someone who needs an architect, they may think about your social media profile and tell that person to talk to you.

An Extra Revenue Stream

Sometimes, social media marketing may be profitable. It’s an exciting world where you may make money instead of spending money on advertising. Many websites, such as Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter), and TikTok, offer ways for you to make money on your content if it’s getting good engagement. You may even get companies that want to sponsor your videos if you become successful.

Market Study

Finally, social media is essential for studying the market. Through social media, you can see emerging design trends, research client needs, and keep on top of client demands. While social media doesn’t give you a complete picture of the market, it can give you a unique view that traditional market studies do not provide.

Social Media Content Ideas as an Architect

If you’re an architect on social media, having content is vital. Here are some approaches you may want to take to your content.

Before and After

If you’re an architect, one of the most powerful posts you can make is a before-and-after photo or video. People love to see what once was and what is now. If you’re doing a renovation, people also love seeing a glow-up.

That’s why you should have a person taking photos or doing drone shots of your project before, during, and after. In two images, you can show how much of an impact your team made. Better yet, why not a video? People love a timelapse, where they see a building made in seconds. Pictures and videos are powerful tools to show that you’re not all talk; you get things done!

Behind the Scenes

Another similar piece of content that many on social media enjoy is a behind-the-scenes (BTS) post. BTS posts can show a day in the life of your workers, you speaking to clients, and even what you and your workers do on your day off. BTS posts help humanize the architecture company members to show that they’re more than workers. They are people who have interests, share jokes, and get things done.

Show How Virtuous You Are

Many people are becoming more concerned with the environment and where their services come from, and that includes architecture. This is an opportunity for you to show what your company does to ensure that no materials are wasted.

You may go into detail about how you use eco-friendly or sustainable methods. Or, you may show how well you treat your employees and what benefits you provide. With that said, practice what you preach. Being sustainable and decent to your employees can not only improve customer relations, but it’s the right thing to do. And happy workers mean a successful project!

Industry News

Some people may go to your page to read the latest architecture news, such as design trends, technologies, and projects. Your social media marketing page may be a place where you gather and share the most exciting news in the architecture industry.

Participate in Communities

Another way you can grow your business is to post on your personal feed and in online communities. LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and other platforms all have group or community features. These communities may be dedicated to local folk or centered around the architecture niche.

Participating in these communities, offering your wisdom, and posting photos from your own projects can be a great way to increase your social proof and bring in new clients.

Live Streams

Most social media websites allow for some live streaming, where you broadcast live video. These streams also have a comment section where people can voice their thoughts in real time. As an architect, you can make streams where you show your projects being built in real-time.

Another way to use live streams is to have a Q&A session. Many people may come to your streams to ask questions about the business, and you can answer them. Finally, live streams can be a great way to host a podcast or other show. You may have a podcast on the side dedicated to architecture or something similar, and people can give their thoughts in real-time.

Best of all, live streaming does not require anything fancy. You need a phone with a good camera and mic, a tripod or stand, and a decent internet connection.

Final Thoughts

To succeed as an architect, having social media is helpful. You’re able to reach new clients, offer your wisdom, and even monetize your presence. There are several ways to share content as well, usually through photos, videos, and sharing news. Social media can also be an excellent place to do market research.

That said, social media does require some time, so you may want to look into a manager or allot yourself some time to be on these sites. With that said, we hope this article was helpful to you.

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