If you’re lucky enough to have a pool on your property, you’re already winning at life. However, after you build a pool, that’s usually only one part of the project. There will come a time when you’ll get that urge to do something with all the spare space and infuse a bit of style into it; it’s every homeowner’s instinct.

One thing you can do is build a pool house. These gorgeous standalone structures are often built beside a pool but not attached to your home. They provide the best of both worlds, making use of space while adding some beauty to your backyard without obstructing your view.

If a pool house seems like an addition you’d like to make to your home, stay tuned! We’ll discuss 5 pool house ideas that every backyard should have.

Pole Barns

One cost-effective idea that delivers great results is adding a pole barn.

Pole barns are quick to install because they skip the traditional building methods, stick to vertical poles, and bury them in the ground. Some may call it cheating, but when you see the allure of these 16×20 barn-style sheds and how much they can hold, you’ll be sold!

Pick a bespoke design customized to fit your needs. You can go for that rural look with a barn-style pole barn or make it more modern – it’s up to you.

Wooden Cabin Pool House

A wooden cabin pool house can add a quaint and rustic charm to the area where your pool is located. Imagine a few pockets of verdant green trees surrounding the pool and the cabin; it will give visitors a remote feeling like they’ve stumbled across a garden of Eden.

One of the best things about wooden cabin pool houses is that they allow you to be creative. From cute log cabins with cozy seating areas to alluring cottages where people can sleep, there are countless choices.

Gazebo Pool House

Photo credit: Jonathan Borba

If you’ve built your pool in a part of your garden that doesn’t get much shade, a gazebo pool house could be a good addition for some added protection.

Build it with timber or stone, add a roof for protection and some arches so visitors can walk in and out, and you’re good to go. Try positioning it nicely so those sitting under it will have full access for a dip whenever they want.

Say you don’t want to keep it there permanently, only for the summer; pop-up gazebos are also good temporary options.

Pool House Bar

Get prepared for the summertime pool parties by adding a pool house bar. They can be built in many different styles, including barnhouses, garages, and so on; get as creative as you wish.

On average, standard pool houses in the USA are priced between $24,000 and $180,000; after you’ve built one, there aren’t many extra costs if you want to add a bar. You just need a couple of shelves, a couch or two, stools, and something to act as the bar.

Cottage Style Pavilion

Nothing sets the scene for a swimming pool more than a cottage-style pavilion at the ledge. Go simple with a steeply pitched roof, or give it that charming look with some ice-white painted trellis panels; you know what will work best with your pool.

Once it’s built, you’ll want to really bring it to life with some furniture like sun loungers and/or cast aluminum tables. Adding some hooks to hold your towels will fully complete it to give off that old bath house vibe.

Which Pool House Idea Suits Your Garden?

Having a pool in your backyard is one thing, but the picture is never complete unless you’ve built a pool house. Before you choose one of these 5 beautiful ideas, make sure to measure and see how much space you have. That will give you a better idea of what size and style will best fit your garden.

Remember to factor in the purpose, too; decide if it will be used as a seating area for storage, or maybe it’s going to be entirely for style!

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