Our portfolio is a reflection of our character and skills, that is why we should be really careful about how we design it, these are 5 mistakes we should avoid when we design our portfolio:

Too long texts

Generally they have just 30 seconds to look at your portfolio, no one would have the time to read too long texts, and visually they aren’t appealing in general!

What to do instead?

Try to add brief text to the project and the visuals that can help the reader to understand your project easily and without putting too much effort!

Old works

Including your old works would make your employers think that your work may be outdated. They would like to see how your works at the moment and according to this they will evaluate your skills.

What to do instead?

Keep your portfolio updated, the focus should be on what you have been doing in the recent 2-3 years.

Too many pages

Making a 100 page portfolio isn’t always a good idea, there may be hundreds of applications coming to the office, and the hiring responsible wouldn’t have the time to examine thoroughly a huge number of pages.

What to do instead?

If the employer or university doesn’t ask in particular for a detailed portfolio, the ideal page number should be around 25-35 pages.


The language of your layout shouldn’t differ across your projects, there should be consistency that makes your portfolio legible and easy to check quickly.

What to do instead?

You can try to use our Portfolio Layout which will help you to have a great consistency in your portfolio. Reach them through this link:

Reach Our Portfolio Templates!

Irrelevant hobbies

We know it is cool that you like surfing, but you shouldn’t include such hobbies in your portfolio! Try to show interests that are relevant by a way or another to the position you’re applying to!

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