Martynas Degutis + Justus Würtenberger + Tan Le + Michael Samson
Dillu School, Geba Kemisa, Ethiopia
@martynas_degutis + @ju_jo_ca + @le_tanle + @michael_smsn

Through researching the local, existing school typologies, we recognized the typical ‚longhouse‘, which is often used as a school type. We consider the type as a static space with a restricted program, which is not able to adapt to the environment. The importance of flexibility to allow interaction, exchange and inclusion are missing.

Our architectural approach consists of two changes we apply to the traditional structure to implement the properties we mentioned above. The result is a small module composed of two classrooms, a connecting unit in between, both surrounded by a multifunctional filter zone. By multiplying and arranging the module, a multitude of spatial layouts is possible.The original building type is broken up and shifted, creating the necessary open spaces underlined by a platform.

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