Palak Gupta
Uran, Maharashtra, India
Academy Of Architecture, Mumbai.

The introduction of an industrial township in a locality that has multiple logistics hubs is an initiative to bring about change in the quality of the work environment and create a balance between people and the industrial tarmac.

Industrial Sector Planning

The modules work on a stakeholder/company – based allocation system that allow one to sustain the business of a particular company within the module.

The module consists of the warehouse, container yard and the truck stop.

These modules can be utilised in combinations based on the requirement of space and other policies.

The planning is based on the idea of connecting people to the place by the integration of pockets of living and working and the use of smart solutions that cater to future growth and development. This adds value to the quality of life of the people who will be working and living in the same area.

The planning takes in the neighbourhood character of the logistics hubs and transforms it into a multi-functional program that together builds up the urban fabric of the township.

These type of mixed use spaces ensure that the place will be active  throughout the day and at all the times of the year and will define a character to the place.

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