Architects spend a long time in Photoshop to present their projects in the best way and develop architectural representation techniques. Photoshop has many advantages for developing architectural drawings. Would you like to use Photoshop, which has been popular in architectural presentation for years, more effectively? In this article, we have explained the brush sets that you need to have in order to make editing and better quality sketches in Photoshop.

Watercolor Brushes

There are various brush collection with watercolor effect that you can download online. We can not say that there are big differences between these sets. The watercolor brush set we recommend was designed by Snezhana Switzer. You can download this set for free to own and view it on Photoshop.

Pencil Photshop Brush

Photo Source: Photoshop Pencil Brush by Andantonius on DeviantArt

The Pencil Photshop Brush collection was developed by Andantonius for those who want to work as pencil sketches in Photoshop. This brush set has various pencil brushes in many thickness and softness degrees.

Real Markers


Markers are indispensable for sketching in real life. We recommend one of the most comprehensive collections of markers for working with markers in Photoshop. Designed by artist Eilert Janßen, this collection of real markers for Photoshop can be used in many presentations from fashion design to architecture.


Photo Source: Wavenwater Brushes n Tools Presets by wavenwater on DeviantArt

The Wavenwater Photoshop Brush set, designed by illustrator Michael Guimont, includes numerous brush options. The brushes in the collection allow you to create countless textures. We can say that it is a set of brushes that every graphic designer and architect should have. If you like to have this brush collection, you can click to download.

Sunlight Brush

Photo Source: Free Sunshine Photoshop Brushes 2 – Free Photoshop Brushes at Brusheezy!

How do you add sunlight effect on your drawings? Architects always use the light as a design element as all of us know. With Sunlight Brushes, you may add the natural sunlight effect into your renders and other drawings in Photoshop easily. Artismeft was designed Sunshine brush set, you can download the set free.

Landscape Brush

Photo Source: Lynn Chen Brush Set 2018 (

It is a brush set that should be in every architect’s Photoshop brush collection. The Landscape brush set was developed by Lynn Chen and includes the brush of landscape elements that architects will often use, such as trees and plants.

To further enhance the collection of Photoshop brushes for architects, considering brushes that mimic architectural drafting tools can be valuable. For instance, brushes that replicate the effect of drafting pens, technical drawing lines, and stippling techniques could offer more precision and a traditional feel to digital drawings. Additionally, incorporating urban texture brushes for creating detailed cityscapes or façades, and adding environmental elements like people, vehicles, and street furniture in silhouettes can bring architectural scenes to life, offering a comprehensive toolkit for architects to express their visions effectively.

Download Isometric Photoshop Brushes for Architecture Diagrams

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