Cover letter allows you to detail the information you specify in your resume in job applications and highlight your achievements. In general, candidates have a hard time writing a cover letter because it is difficult to fit your career on an average of half or one page. In this article, we will talk about how to write a cover letter and effective writing tips.

First Paragraph

The fact that the cover letter is an introductory paragraph in the first paragraph will attract the attention of the reader. In the paragraph, sentences such as “As an experienced architect for 10 years, I have worked on building architecture, interior architect and innovative designs” and “When I saw your ad, I thought the following with my opinions on the subject I am an expert on” will be useful. It will increase interest in your cover letter.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph should be longer than the first paragraph. It will be very useful for this paragraph to explain why you are a suitable candidate for the position you are applying for and the company. In this section, you must know the company and write that you are suitable for the responsibilities required in the position. Before writing this section, research the company you are applying for online and know which areas they work in.

Third Paragraph

In the 3rd paragraph, which will be the longest paragraph, you should explain that you are the most suitable candidate for this job. It will attract the attention of the reader by specifying what features you have about the job application and listing the features that distinguish you from other candidates in the job application.

In this section, you can give brief information about your experience, achievements, completed projects and awards.

The “Qualifications sought in candidates” section of the job posting you are applying for will be the best resource for you. According to these features, it will be appropriate for you to fill in the 3rd paragraph to write an effective cover letter.

Last Paragraph

The last paragraph will be the shortest part of the cover letter. In this section, you should write your thanks to the authorized person, the short information you want to add additionally, and your telephone number where you can be reached. In general, at the end of the last paragraph, it would be appropriate to end with the phrase “best regards” compared to other forms of address.

Example of an architecture cover letter

Photo Source: Architecture Cover Letter Example | Kickresume


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