Many elements may shape a city, but arguably nothing defines a place more clearly than its architecture. The visual planning of a city may carry you through time while planting you firmly in a very specific area, whether through deliberate urban planning or reacting to cultural shifts. For architects and urban planners, visiting cities is a way of life! Reading buildings and the city improves our vision. In this article, 5 cities must to visit by architects and urbanists are bring together. You must to visit and explore the planning of these cities and follow the architectural styles as experiences.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, the first capital of Morocco, is famous for its buildings where we can easily follow the features of Moroccan architecture. The city has places with largely rich architectural and artistic features of the east. Located in the central parts of Morocco, the city is known as the “red city”. Adobe and earth that are local construction materials make the city “red”.

Photo Source: Moroccan Architecture – Planet Marrakech

You should explore the architecture of Marrakech, which stands out with its buildings with Mashrabiyan windows, towers of eastern architecture, courtyards adapting to the weather conditions of the buildings, and magnificent mansions.

Photo Source: Pinterest

It is one of the most interesting cities for both architects and urban planners and for travelers. Spending two days in Marrakech, one of the most touristic cities in Africa, will be a very good experience for architecture and city reading.

Photo Source: Most Impressive Buildings in Casablanca (

Barselona, Spain

When we think of Barcelona and architecture, the same name comes to mind, right? The city of Gaudi, a magnificent architectural genius! This city, where you will see Gothic and modern architectural works together and follow the traces of Catalan architecture, must be visited. A visit to Barcelona will be a wonderful experience with its fascinating buildings, its sculptural stance in the middle of the city, and La Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction.


It will be a route where you will make architectural discoveries not only with the gothic works that you will be fascinated with, but also with the understanding of Catalan modernism. In addition, urban planning and design is a must-see for anyone working in this field.

Photo Source: Antoni Gaudí: remembering the ‘Master of Catalan Modernism’ on his 165th birth anniversary | Architectural Digest India

Istanbul, Turkey

The favorite, magical city of the Ottoman and Byzantine, the greatest states that have ruled throughout history, Istanbul, which cannot be shared! This city is almost an open-air museum with fascinating works of both empires and very important public buildings on large and small scales.

Istanbul is also a unique city that has two sides and is connected by 3 different bridges, where the each shore offer a magnificent Bosphorus view to each other.

Photo Source: Ottoman Istanbul Half-Day Afternoon Tour (

It is a must for every architect to take a trip among the Byzantine and Ottoman works in Fatih, which is known as the historical peninsula. Understanding and experiencing the history of architecture requires visiting such an open-air museum!

Photo Source: Fortress from Ottoman, Byzantine eras to become Istanbul’s most glamorous cultural venue  | Daily Sabah

When you go to Istanbul, watch the dialogue of the contemporary buildings brought to the city in recent years with the magnificent historical heritage.

Athens, Greece

Exploring classical period architecture on site is something every architect should do. Your time in Athens is to witness the history and legacies of architecture and civilization.

Photo Source: Striking Photos of Classical Greek Architecture – HISTORY

Visiting the Greek city of Athens and planning a city without seeing and understanding the Acropolis is absolutely essential. You should definitely see Athens with its temples, monuments and many sources of classical architecture.

Rome, Italy

And Rome! It is a city with a lot to write about and a lot of places to see. Rome, the most populated city in Italy, also hosts millions of tourists every year thanks to its historical value and architectural heritage. Apart from its historical importance, it is one of the cities that should be seen with its urban design and features. This city, which preserves the traces of ancient city planning and includes modern planning, is an eye-opener for many architects and urbanists.

Photo Source: Trevi Fountain – Wikipedia
Photo Source: Colosseum (Colosseo) | Attractions in Rome (

It is indispensable for every architect to see the Ancient Rome works, the fascinating Colosseum, and the Pantheon which is one of the most important architectural monuments known.

Photo Source: File:Lazio Roma SIgnazio tango7174.jpg – Wikimedia Commons


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