All the architects and designers around the world, whether they like it or not, spend a huge amount of time working with different software. Accompanying users along their career path, software is no longer just a tool, but a friend indeed. In this article, we’ll meet three talented artists whose work center around architecture. Let them show us what they’ve created with D5 Render, and how D5 became an invaluable tool and a special friend to them.

What is D5 Render?

D5 Render, a real-time ray-tracing renderer based on Microsoft DXR and NVIDIA RTX technologies, combines the advantages of ray tracing and rasterization to speed up rendering as much as possible. Aimed at assisting more designers with real-time interaction for near-off-line renderings, D5 brings a whole new layer to the industry and creates a transformational movement within the design industry.

High-quality & time-saving

Kokol, a rendering veteran that has been in the industry for decades:

“I’m not a workaholic, it’s just I got a lot more efficient using D5. “

Kokol is known as the one setting the record of posting D5 rendered works nonstop for over 10 days in D5’s user group, and those shared online are only part of his D5 renderings. After several so-called “testing” works when he had just got started with D5, kokol decided to take his business projects into D5 after rendering with another software for decades.

For anyone in the rendering business, fidelity and photorealism is a life-long pursuit. Regardless of personal aesthetic and skills, renderings depend much on the renderer. If your renderings always seem flat and far from real, poor GI might be part of the reasons. That’s why D5 overcame so many formidable obstacles to bring D5 GI to the world. In version 2.1, D5 has rolled out its own D5 GI system and outperformed many real-time renderers in rendering speed and quality.

The D5 demo scene below is a 2.36GB file with 1,0960,000 faces, and with RTX 30 series, rendering images in 2k took less than 30 seconds. If rendering with better spec, you’re likely to finish output even quicker.

City View, by KJJ

Scene file downloading & more info:

Many other users that had tested D5 2.1 concluded that using D5 gives the effect of offline renderers in a few minutes, which is such a delight. Just like them, kokol immediately felt the difference himself, and he is confident about how D5 keeps its promise to achieve a near-off-line output in the coming future.

Despite his work for the company, kokol managed to practice rendering with D5 on a daily basis, which couldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for the speed of rendering in D5.

Semi-retired as he claimed, kokol has a passion for rendering and many other things related to art. He likes to pay tribute to many architecture talents that he looks up to through rendering, and works he shared online get a lot of views, comments and likes.

He is now working on some regular projects and preparing for his entry for the D5 Render Challenge II. Let’s wait and see what he has to amaze us!

Your own workflow & asset library

Arthur Studio, an architecture visualization & designing firm that mainly uses 3Ds Max for modeling:

“As a max user, the growing need for animation had led us to D5, of which the result eventually made us stay.”

Like many other max users, Arthur Studio was looking for a renderer to fit into their workflow perfectly for more high-quality animation production. Just when they were struggling to handle the increasing workload of rendering animation, D5 came into sight and bailed them out. As I can see, they are having a good time playing with D5 and max. “I made models of light strips and trees with hanging string lights inside 3Ds Max, then exported them directly into D5 Render. See how they fit into the scene! ”

“I’ve created my own local asset library in D5 and enriched its contents. The imported models are orderly categorized and easily accessible for use in D5. It has made my work much easier, and D5 is now the first renderer I turned to for visualization.”

D5 is now compatible with SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Revit, Rhino, Blender, ArchiCAD and C4D. Livesync for more modeling software will be supported in the future.

D5 Render Asset Library is another convenience for its users, which contains over 3,000 furniture models, over 2,100 ready-made vegetation models, nearly 1,000 character models, and abundant vehicle models with animation provided by professional asset creators.

The built-in PBR asset material library also frees users from piling up a thousand gloss maps to the other thousand normal maps, meaninglessly. With D5 Render, one can create photorealistic materials by simply loading high-res PBR textures from Quixel Megascans, Substance Source, CC0Textures, and many more.

Amazing team

Trimanonymous, an architecture student, and Best Original Award Winner in the D5 Render Challenge last year:

“I want to make a video with D5 elements, applying scenes that are concrete, tangible and high-quality to display how excellent D5 is in real-time rendering.”

He first heard of D5 before version 1.6. Back then he was attracted by the high-quality trailer and grew interested in it since it was free of charge. Later on, he started using D5 and got to know about the product and the team behind it. They’ve established a good relationship since then. Trimanonymous was there in every beta test, and D5 was all ears to welcome his valuable suggestions.

This is exactly how D5 has developed over the years. They focus on the software and its users, making friends with whoever uses D5 Render. It embraces users from 200 countries and regions around the world and really hears from them, then the team goes to improve the software accordingly.

As Trimanonymous put it in his entry for D5 Render Challenge, the spirit of D5 is steady, plain; modest on the outside, yet vibrant, glittery and full of treasure on the inside. He named his entry ambition in the hope that D5 will always be ambitious, have the ambition to build the best innovative product for designing and rendering.

D5 is waiting for more users to dive into it and bring out its powerful features and rendering quality. You can download it for free here and have a try at their global event D5 Render Challenge II. Just like kokol, Arthur studio and Trimanonymous, you might find yourself in love with this amazing software.

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