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Architectural drawings can be classified as technical drawings, digital software modeling or drawings and hand-drawn sketches. In this article, we will give you some basic advice to improve all architectural drawing skills.

First of all, every architect should have a sketchbook and a habit of thinking with sketches. Developing your sketching skills is directly proportional to the time you spend with pen and paper. Sketching is drawing what you think on paper, over time your ideas and drawings will develop at the same time. If you want to make better sketches, you can examine examples of sketches from famous architects and analyze how their ideas and sketches relate. Start by getting yourself some cute markers and drawing pens and a sketchbook with qualified papers.

Frank Gehry’s initial sketch of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Photo Source: Thinking Like An Architect Part 1: Famous Architects Sketch – The Architect Elevator
Renzo Piano’s sketch of London’s Shard Photo Source: Beautiful Drawings by the World’s Most Famous Architects | Architectural Digest

Apart from sketching, another necessary drawing is technical drawings. Technical drawings must be perfect in order to approve application projects and construct a building in the most accurate way. Technical drawings can be drawn at many scales, including detail drawings. It is necessary to work in order to be able to make technical drawings at all scales, from the smallest to the largest. It depends more on construction and building technologies knowledge than drawing ability. The more you know about construction and materials, your technical drawing skills will be improved. Especially working on the construction site contributes to the development of your detailed drawings in small scales. Since technical drawings are about real life and applications of projects, it would be very helpful to see these details.

Photo Source: Part Of Architectural Project Engineering And Architecture Drawings Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 41137888. (
Photo Source: Architectural Drawings: 10 Pristine Design Details – Architizer Journal

Finally, there are digital drawings that are now as essential as pen and paper in architecture. Today, architectural drawings and modeling through software are undoubted necessity for architects. All architects, who have gained technical drawings and basic skills with AutoCAD since their student years, must be professionalized in at least one software in modeling and rendering. Architects have to master at least one of these software and present their projects perfectly. If you want to improve yourself in digital drawing and rendering, you can watch various tutorial videos on YouTube. You can also receive training on the software you prefer. In this subject, as in other archtiectural drawing skills, you can become an expert by practicing a lot.

Photo Source: My CONDO FLOOR PLAN(AutoCAD) | Learning Technology (
Photo Source: VisualARQ | Food4Rhino

For more resources on architectural projects and to improve your skills, click here

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9 months ago

What is your advice for me as an architect?
Because we as an architecture student are lost and don’t know what to do because the vasting of our faculty and job.

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