Designboom was founded as the world’s first online magazine worldwide in 1999. You may find everything about architecture on Designboom website and social media accounts with their over 20 years of experience. Based in Milan, Beijing, and New York and 3.5 million global readers. Designboom aims to bring together professional and young creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds. They publish the latest news and key issues in the fields of architecture, design, technology, and art.


Dezeen is a popular architecture, interior, and design magazine that aims to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best projects and news from around the world. Dezeen also runs Dezeen Awards, an annual awards program for architecture, interiors, and design projects. You may follow the architecture and design news on the website of Dezeen.


Arch Eyes is another online magazine that we can recommend to architects and architecture students to follow. They explained their mission like that to bring you a carefully edited selection of the most influential architecture from both established contemporary creatives to the most acclaimed architects throughout history. You may explore chosen projects from past to present with their “timeless architecture” slogan.


Yatzer is a global online destination that allows readers to discover the most engaging creative projects and people in art, fashion, design, architecture, and hospitality from around the world. Unlike other design blogs, Yatzer reflects an intimately curated ensemble of experiences, projects, and products that unanimously stand for beauty, craftsmanship, and sophistication. You may found recent and various interiors and architecture projects under the title of architecture on Yatzer.


Divisare, with the slogan of “atlas of architecture”, is an online architecture archive from all over the world. Divisare, which has a comprehensive project archive for both architecture students and architects, also contains the works of architectural photographers. You can explore inspiring projects under many topics such as material, countries, elements, ideas, public and private spaces. was founded with the specific goal of talking about internationally prominent figures in design and architecture and presenting new developments in construction materials, sustainable technologies, and the principal design techniques 20 years ago.

They use tools for providing updated, in-depth information about architecture, urban planning, design and travel, and everything revolving around it: communication, creativity, and publishing. You may discover new projects and architects, as well as have a pleasant time with inspiring podcasts and Architects series on


With carefully considered showcase of over 400.000 premium design products and materials, Architonic is the number-one online community for architects, designers, home-owners and design enthusiasts. 16 million visitors a year choose Architonic as their guide to the very best of current design.

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