Productivity is the key to the business in any practice. In the field of architecture, when creativity is as important as efficiency, it becomes even more crucial to be productive all the time. But, using applications from different platforms help you stay productive in many different ways. Here is a list of 10 productivity apps that architects can opt to be efficient in their profession.


Want to collaborate with contractors and engineers on your ideas for construction? Share your ideas in Archisnapper and get them done. Archisnapper allows you to upload various content, from field reports, punch lists, and email reports to sketches, links, and text or voice notes. Archisnapper lets you draft, preview, and send them to anyone at any time.



Imagine your long hour work day, as an architect, ending with satisfaction. You can and so your team, with Asana. Asana is a productivity app to track, manage, and share to-do lists, project information, and ideas. With Asana, you can build an efficient team, reduce distractions, and save time.



Keeping track of a project from concept to construction is really a tough job for architects, with numerous transformations and revisions from clients and engineers. Trello makes it simple for you. Trello allows users to keep track of all your project stages, in a clean layout and pings you when you are done with it. You can share the boards with anyone, and you never have to worry about clunky email threads.



Evernote has been popular among all with its simple interface to keep notes and ideas organized in one place. You can upload sketches, links, notes, to-do lists, share sheets, and what else. And with the compatibility with any device, you can add to your notebook as and when your creative thrust flows out.



If you are running an architectural firm or working as a freelance architect, Harvest is an excellent tool for managing your business. Harvest is a time-tracking app that keeps track of the time and money spent on a project. It features invoicing, expensing, and other team management elements. It will update offline, so as long as you’ve started the timer, you can keep tracking in the air or underground.



Be in sync with your team, by syncing your files in Dropbox. Downloading the dropbox folder will allow your files to update across all your teammates as you hit save to the document. You can update your file even a minute before the presentation, as you take your files in dropbox.

X mind

Whether you are letting your creative juices flow across the screen or you are tediously organizing tasks for your teammates, you shall map your ideas and tasks in the X mind. Mind maps are an efficient way of brainstorming, and X mind helps you be efficient in your thought process. It also allows you to export and send it to your teammates and friends in various formats.


Miro is a perfect collaboration app for architects. From your crazy sketches to useful links, you can add anything and everything to a Miro board. You can be in live collaboration with your teammates through audio or a video call as you edit on the boards. You can write, create notes, draw diagrams, and export them to any form as you are done.



Like it or not, writing is always a part of architecture. But fear not: Hemingway helps you write bold and clear. It is a free web app that helps you with your project descriptions and craft better texts. It highlights incorrect grammar and spelling errors and inconsistent writing.

Insta paper

Have to save references for your design from the web and make them available at any time to refer? Insta paper helps you to do so. It stores the webpage offline for you to access anytime. It also allows you to highlight information and notes from the website for your future use.


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