If you are an architect or a student, you must always have your go-to websites for various purposes. We visit a website for information, images, cutout backgrounds, and everything that makes our process easier. Here is a list of helpful websites for architects and architecture students for information and their efficient process.


If you are an architect, you should have visited Archdaily. Archdaily is a complete source of information from news, articles, case studies, interviews, research, and anything else about architecture. It is one of the highest visited websites by architecture students and professors.

Website: https://www.archdaily.com/

Source: https://www.archdaily.com/


RIBA is a membership program for all architects. It is a licensing platform that also provides news and information about architecture from all over the world. It is a different platform with a different theme. RIBA ought to build better buildings with stronger communities for a sustainable environment.

Website: https://www.architecture.com/

Source: https://www.architecture.com/


Perhaps you are an expert in BIM practice or a genius in computational architecture, and you want to share your knowledge with your friends and students. Wouldn’t it be nice to record a tutorial and send it to all your colleagues who need it? With Screenr, you can record your screen to share software tutorials or any small software doubts for your friends and colleagues.


Jugaad Render

Tired of photoshopping humans and objects for your renders? Don’t worry. Juggad render is a website source that provides a well-curated unique set of human and background cutouts to use for your renders. It is a free resource for architects and architecture students to bring their visualizations of the built environment to life.

Website: https://jugaadrender.in/



Freepik is one of the go-to websites for illustrator freaks. It provides a vast collection of illustrations and images in an editable format accessible in illustrator and photoshop. Architects and students use Freepik for their isometric diagrams and concept illustrations frequently. Freepik has a set of free resources along with paid templates.

Website: https://www.freepik.com/



Searching for project information and images for your case studies? Wikiarquitectura is a free searchable database featuring architects and buildings. You get access to detailed information on buildings and design projects. You can also be a collaborator and submit your project description and help improve existing content.

Website: en.Wikiarquitectura.com



Interested in Landscape architecture and want to join a community of similar minds? Landezine is a website community of Landscape architects with a searchable gallery of various landscape projects. The website devotes itself to the promotion of landscape architecture worldwide and has about 250,000 monthly visitors.  It has a directory of landscape architects and showcases various products related to the field. You can also upload your project free of cost.

Website:  Landezine.com

Source: https://thomasdigital.com/industry/best-landscaping-websites


A one-stop platform for searching competitions. Archicompetitions is a website that is exclusively dedicated to architecture and design competitions. It is a storehouse of competitions from all around the world and helps especially to find competitions for architecture students for their betterment.

Website: https://competitions.archi/

Source: https://competitions.archi/competition/es_template/new-post-published-posttitle/page/155/

Search Creative Commons

Need non-copyrighted high-quality pictures for your architecture? Websites like Flickr and Wikimedia offer ways to search for free creative commons images that you can use in your presentations and essays. But with this search, you can check all these libraries at once to find content to use, remix & share.

Website: http://search.creativecommons.org/?lang=en

Source: https://creativecommons.org/2017/02/07/new-cc-search


As an architecture student, it is tiring to keep our files organized and in the right format to use in the future. Sometimes, we will need to extract a jpeg image from a pre-done pdf file. Or convert an AVIF file to a jpeg image and all other file conversions. Zamzar is a source of about 1200 file conversions, and for larger file sizes, it would even mail your converted files.

Website: http://www.zamzar.com/

Source: https://www.lifewire.com/zamzar-review-2622862


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