Architecture students take additional courses in architectural design, modeling and more, in addition to what they learned at school, especially in their spare time and holidays. These lessons are very helpful in making them clear on topics that are difficult to learn in school. Since distance and online education have become very popular in recent years, students prefer online websites for supplementary courses and learning. In today’s article, we will talk about 3 websites with online courses. In addition to this, we will have a few website suggestions for you to improve yourself, apart from attending courses, which come to mind when you say online learning.  Follow the rest of the article, which includes recommendations for websites where you can spend your free time productively without leaving your home.

Online Courses

We have website recommendations full of content for architecture students on online learning. With these websites, we can work on subjects that you are curious about in architecture, that interest you, but that you do not have enough knowledge about with the courses at school. With the courses you will attend on these websites, you can make up for all your deficiencies in the areas you think you are lacking. Architecture is a discipline that requires regular study and continuous improvement. As an architecture student, you should always be open to this study and development. Maintain the continuous learning experience with both online courses and different resources.

The most critical thing in online learning is learning from the right sources. For that reason, we wanted to help you through accurate and reliable sources in this article. Our first recommendations are websites where architecture students can attend online courses in related fields, and secondly, useful websites that we recommend every student to spend time on.

  1. Domestika

Domestika is an online course platform that hosts the best and tutorial courses for both architects and designers in many fields. With Domestika, you can attend courses in all architectural drawing and presentation development programs that are of your interest. It includes not only digital productions, but also courses for artists to improve themselves in every field. On Domestika’s website, courses are available in categories such as art, illustration, drawing, graphic design and fine arts. You can attend courses related to the most popular software preferred by architects and designers such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom.

Source: Online Course – Introduction to AutoCAD (Alicia Sanz) | Domestika
  1. Udemy

Udemy is a website that has served tens of thousands of trainees with online courses in all fields. Courses are available on Udemy for architects and designers in many subjects and software, such as architectural design, architectural presentation development. You can join a course you need on Udemy, keep the course videos you downloaded for the rest of your life and refresh your knowledge. On Udemy, you can take literally “all categories” courses in finance, healthcare, IT, design and more. You can attend courses that suit you by choosing design and architecture among the categories.

  1. EdX

EdX is a platform where expert lecturers from dozens of universities give courses on many subjects. Online lectures at EdX are divided into topics by undergraduate, graduate, doctoral levels of university students and by university departments. It is possible to attend courses and courses focused on architecture and design online. With EdX, it is very easy to enrich your education and improve yourself in the best way.

Other Website Recommendations

Source:10 Instragram Feeds to Inspire Your Next Architectural Illustration | Archipreneur

We have other recommendations to enhance yourself as an architecture student. First one is Illustrarch, our website has many articles and courses that architecture students can get benefits. You can spend your time in Illustrarch website effectively. Also,  there are many architectural contents are shared on Instagram page of Illustrarch every day. You can get inspire from the post and stories.


The second recommendation is Divisare. Divisare is an architectural online atlas for architects. You can find various projects with this website. It is possible to search by architects, location, scale, function or architectural style. You may get all the information of projects in Divisare.

TED Talks

Sometimes architecture student get tired and start losing their motivation of studying. For this times, you can watch or listen motivating TED talks about any topic. There are numerous architects, designer or artists talks to get motivation and inspiration from them. With the application of TED, you can download sounds and videos of TED talks and listen them while you are walking to home.

Source: 10 of the best TED Talks about architecture (

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