Instagram is among the most downloaded mobile applications and visited websites in recent years. Instagram is used not only in the entertainment category, but also for commercial and advertising purposes. There are millions of people who have been selling, advertising and influencing on Instagram for a long time. Instagram for architects can be used for both commercial and eye-opening purposes. In this article, we talked about what architects can learn while spending time on Instagram, and tips for using Instagram efficiently. In the rest of the article, we explained the best architectural Instagram accounts to follow and how you can use your own profile architecturally.

How Can We Learn?

Source: > Our best of Architecture & Design Instagram grids ( Instagram Page of MVRDV office

What is the role of architects on Instagram? Of course, the answer to this question will be given by the professional identity of the architects on this social media platform. Is there a way to use Instagram as useful as other useful websites and apps? What can we learn from Instagram?

In fact, the Instagram algorithm has been developed to bring you the content that interests you, both ads and posts and stories. In other words, if you are interested in fields such as architecture, graphic design, decoration and spend time when you see such content; Even if you don’t want to, Instagram will post about it. If you want to learn something from Instagram, you need to follow architectural accounts that make tutorial videos, especially in Reels format. You can search through hashtags to discover these accounts. For example, you can follow tags like “Architectural diagrams” or “SketchUp learning”.

Source: How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Building Materials to Architects | ArchDail

Using Instagram Effectively

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of users. Not only architects, but all designers and other sectors have a place on Instagram with their professional identity. It is possible for architects to use Instagram to contribute to their profession. If you want to make the time you spend on Instagram useful for your profession, you need to review your Instagram content. These content are both the content you share with your followers and the content that the algorithm reveals to you.

In order to make these contents productive in your professional life, you need to follow the accounts that produce architectural content and hashtags that are popular in architecture. Try to produce content related to architecture. You can share your own projects or architectural images that you like and fit your style in your personal account by specifying the source. In your Instagram profile’s bio, you can write your architecture office, the year if you are a student, or the field you are interested in architecture. It is possible to use Instagram as a portfolio. This effective use is advantageous in terms of having a good environment in professional life, inspiring people and content.

Architectural Instagram Accounts Suggestions

The number of architectural accounts that will inspire you with their content is increasing day by day. In this topic, we will write high quality and popular architectural Instagram accounts that we recommend you to follow. It is possible to follow these accounts and get inspiration for your projects and architectural visuals, as well as to enlarge and popularize your own Instagram account.


Porfolio Mentor

Landscape First

Act of Mapping

Source: How to Get Repost? | illustrarch

How Do We Create Professional Architectural Account?

It is possible to use your personal account professionally or to open a professional architectural account from scratch. The quality of the content is important for managing professional architectural accounts well. You can share your own drawings or architectural content in the style and area that interests you. If you want to increase your followers and become more popular, make a regular post at least once a day. The quality of the shares will increase the profile visit and the number of followers. Before sharing a post, be sure to write down who the project belongs to, its type and year in the description section. Do not forget to write the most popular and followed tags in the architecture at the end of the description. These hashtags make you stand out and make your profile popular.


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