As we all know, architects work long hours under very intense conditions. Office work and construction site work take quite a long time. The design and construction process for the production of an architectural project requires a very disciplined work. Almost every day of these processes are completed under intense working conditions. Why do architects have to work hard? In this article, we will talk about the working conditions of architects. If you are an architecture student, you can see what awaits you in professional life in this article!

Being An Architecture Student

Before we talk about professional life, let’s talk about architecture school! Architecture school requires a lot of discipline and hard work compared to other faculties. The first thing you need to be successful in architecture school is to be prepared to work hard and get some sleepless nights.

When you compare yourself to students in other faculties, you may think that you are working under very difficult conditions. But one of the things required to graduate from architecture school is to have this discipline. Why do you need to work so hard? Because the variety of courses in the faculty of architecture is very high. This creates a great deal of intensity during the school years. Architectural studios, technical drawing studios, building technology courses, architectural history courses and many more intensive curriculum courses are in the same semesters. For students, this intensity may seem a bit too much in the first years of school. But later on, you get used to this situation with your friends at the faculty of architecture.

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Working in the Office

Architecture faculty is a training for architect candidates. Once you get used to the intense working conditions at the faculty of architecture, you will be ready for office work. In architectural offices, project design and concept development, drawing and detailing application projects take quite a long time.

For both junior architects and experienced architects, no matter what team they work with, designing an architectural project requires a lot of trials. Office work does not only result in the work of the concept team. For an architectural project to emerge, a collective effort is required before the construction process. Office work necessarily includes the products of a collective work. The project is completed as a result of the collaboration of many architects, interior architects, product designers, civil engineers and technicians.

The most important and biggest part of design and concept development is completed with office work. That’s why, until the delivery of the projects, sometimes it may be sleepless and sometimes it may be necessary to work late. However, you and your team can take short breaks or reward yourself after delivering the projects. No matter how intense the architectural design process is in office life, being proud of your work as a result is worth celebrating. What you need to do to facilitate this process is not to forget to take time for yourself. Taking time for yourself reduces your stress in working life and allows you to work more efficiently.

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Working in the Site

The final step in designing an architectural project is the construction process. The construction process, like office life, requires collective work. Civil engineers, technicians, site managers and architects work together on construction sites. The team often includes interns doing site internships. Working at the construction site does not take as long as office work. All work is done together during certain working hours. However, these working hours are spent in accordance with the schedule of the project managers. For architects, work on the site can be quite intense, depending on the project manager’s schedule. Our advice for architects working on site is to spend time productively. If you want to spend time on the construction site efficiently, try to gain experience from the craftsmen working at the construction site. The biggest chance to building materials and techniques is construction sites. Try to spend your working hours by gaining experience. Working at the construction site is intense, just like the office and the design process. However, without this intensity, the construction of the projects will not be completed on time.

Architects need to work hard both on the construction site and in the office environment. However, you will get rewards for what you do as soon as possible. The pride you will experience when the project you are trying to get awarded or built is worth all the work.


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