The article series of Best Architecture Schools continues with the 4th article. In this series, we talk about  National University of Singapore and the facilities of this school for students who wants to take education bachelor or master degree in architecture.

Faculty of Architecture in National University of Singapore

The National Institution of Singapore (NUS) is a Singaporean statement research university. NUS is the country’s oldest autonomous university, having been founded in 1905 as the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in a wide range of fields, including the sciences, medicine and dentistry, design and environment, law, arts and social sciences, engineering, business, computing, and music. It is critical to the advancement of modern technology and science, providing a worldwide approach to education and research with a concentration on Asian knowledge and perspectives.

The Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore is tackling these concerns. The Department of Architecture, founded in 1958, is focused on architecture for Asia and the tropics.

Credit: NUS School of Design & Environment / Serie Architects + Multiply Architects + Surbana Jurong | ArchDaily

Let’s have look at the brief of the architectural education according to information and explanation of the official website of National University of Singapore’s Department of Architecture:

In the first year of the school of architecture in NUS, through creation, students are taught to fundamental principles in design, representation, and critical thinking Students are exposed to a wide variety of concerns addressed via the design of the environment through numerous activities and projects. Space, precedence, materiality, and the equatorial environment are among the concepts extensively examined.

The Bachelor in Architecture’s second and third years explore structural, site, program, and envelope concerns. Students investigate complicated methods to architectural development while broadening their understanding of cultural, aesthetic, and construction issues.

In the last year of study, students can choose their specific specialization, which leads to concurrent Master programs. As a preparation for Master’s level architectural study, the series emphasizes autonomous and advanced thinking. The facilities of architecture school of NUS,  students can organize their career perfectly with this choice. One of the best facilities of National University of Singapore’s architecture school is that the school teaches architecture in the best way in every field in the first three years and supports you to shape your career in the fields you are successful in in your last year.

Courses of NUS

NUS has a big range of bachelor and master degree education programs in the faculty of architecture. NUS is the most significant research university of Singapore, there are higher degrees by research programs are existing in the faculty of architecture. Bachelor of arts in architecture or Bachelor of landscape in architecture is undergraduate programs of NUS’s Faculty of Architecture.

Credit: NUS DoA

The MSc in Architecture: Design Technology, and Sustainability looks at sustainability and design from the standpoints of construction and management. This is a full-time, one-year curriculum that prepares students to design environmentally friendly structures as well as large-scale urban environments and developments.

Master of Arts in Architectural Conservation,

Master of Landscape Architecture,

MSc Integrated Sustainable Design,

Master of Arts in Urban Design,

Master of Urban Planning and Higher degrees by researching are master degree programs of National University of Singapore’s architecture school.

Study at NUS

The school provides a variety of degree programs ranging from Bachelor of Architecture to Ph.D., all of which address Asia’s specific economic, climatic, and historical challenges. In doing so, the school emphatically opposes the notion that architectural solutions are universal, as advocated in Western institutions. The curriculums at NUS demonstrate that this is demonstrably false.

Credit: NUS School of Design & Environment / Serie Architects + Multiply Architects + Surbana Jurong | ArchDaily

The contemporary design and architecture studios of Manchester Metropolitan University are housed in the purpose-built Manchester School of Art, with panoramic views of the metropolitan skyline. Whether you’re developing a presentation model, experimenting with materials, or designing a conceptual manner to express your ideas, MSA’s facilities at Manchester School of Architecture will help you realize your lofty creative goals.

Alumni Architects

NUS’ Faculty of Architecture has successful alumni who are award-winning architects and artists like Lee Hui Lian, Tay Yan Ling and Juliana Chan.

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