Metaverse is a recent invention, and the idea is continuously evolving. Instead of interacting through 2D webpages, as is the case with the existing internet, users will instead engage in 3D worlds that mimic and expand upon aspects of the real world. In this article, we talked about the role of architecture in metaverse.

We know that the biggest technological companies are committing to constructing the metaverse, including Facebook. Early metaverse experiences are already accessible in the form of technology. Architecture will not be out of this universe, it is not possible. Architecture is everywhere in every time. Dua to the future is in the metaverse, we need to learn this universe as architects.

It could seem unfamiliar to you and challenging to comprehend, much like when people questioned “what is the internet?” However those that take the time to educate themselves about this new world today will be the ones to create fantastic prospects for success!

What Will Be in Metaverse?

The metaverse was described by Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of the social networking site Facebook and its parent company Meta, as the next development in social networking that intends to help individuals connect, build communities, and grow their businesses. Users can take part in immersive experiences within a virtual setting where they are free to work, play, and socialize as they please. He changed the name of his business to “Meta” to better reflect the expanded scope of his brand. According to Zuckerberg, the metaverse ushers in a new era and will soon be used by 1 billion people within the next ten years.

Credit: The Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse, Everything You Need To Know – Technology (

The NFT phenomenon has accelerated the pace at which the world around us is changing. Due to their scarcity, just like physical assets, businesses are producing digital assets with high value. The market for digital real estate has exploded as a result of some sites already providing virtual plots of land that people can buy and develop on. Recently, demand in meta-architectural firms has outpaced supply, opening up new possibilities for architects to engage with and contribute to the creation of this new digital environment.

The transition to this new world won’t happen overnight, and architects won’t suddenly disappear after some time!

What is the Role of Architecture in Metaverse?

In order to develop or improve these spaces, architects and designers are required since people need someplace to live in the metaverse. However, as this new world expands, our perception of what constitutes an architect may shift. It’s possible that as time goes on, the terms “architect” and “metaverse architect” will become separate due to the change in architecture’s objectives.

Credit: PLP Architecture launches collection of 5,000 skyscraper NFTs (

While traditional architecture is essential for enabling our daily activities and providing housing, meta architects will focus solely on design, geometry, and visuals.

Metaverse may potentially open up new opportunities for the preservation of architectural structures. The metaverse can be the platform where we conserve buildings inside this virtual reality for the benefit of future generations because several buildings have collapsed due to natural or human-made tragedies. It can be viewed as a means of expressing and exploring the architectural history that enables internet users to interact fully with the surroundings and one another.

Examples of Metaverse in Architecture

For the metaverse neighborhood The Row, designers have constructed a number of virtual structures, including a large statue that has been transformed into a dwelling and one that changes color throughout the day.

Credit: Metaverse community The Row launches with six architectural designs (

By Andres Reisinger | Glass box

Private metaverse community for members Arsham, Misha Kahn, Andrés Reisinger, Alexis Christodoulou, design firm Six N Five, and Hard Architects are just a few of the artists who contributed to the unveiling of The Row’s 30 virtual properties.

Credit: Metaverse community The Row launches with six architectural designs (

By Quagmire’s Karst | Series of ceramic objects

A “3D architectural landmark” created by each party will be offered for sale as an NFT. The virtual structures can then be placed on the 26 distinct metaverse platforms that Everyrealm, one of the companies behind The Row, owns land on.

The Alexander Team, a residential real estate brokerage firm, and Everyrealm, where Arsham also serves as a creative ambassador, produced The Row.

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