Architecture plays a pivotal role in how communities are built and developed.  Architectural marvels are seen everywhere, from mesmerizing building designs to forward-looking urban development planning. Whether you wish to become the next Corbusier or design your private oasis at home, architecture education will get you there. However, architecture education is not for the faint of heart, involving a wide range of disciplines, including humanities, fine arts, technology, and engineering.

We take a look at the top 5 best bachelor’s programs in architecture to ensure you understand the ins and outs of architectural trends in 2023. Get ready to choose the best option for your lifelong goals!

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Architecture Degree at Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute School of Architecture tops our list for a masterful use of technology and design laboratories to offer students unrivaled benefits and resources that one could only dream of. What’s more, the school sees architecture education as a means to address the world’s most pressing issues, including the rapidly accelerating climate crisis and social injustice. The college aims to encourage students to not only enter the extremely alluring and lucrative world of architecture but also lead a life of significance, never tiring of helping solve world problems.

So, if you wish to study architecture while also benefiting our humanity as a whole, The Pratt Institute is the place to be!

Architecture Degree at Cornell University

Considered one of the best universities for architecture education in the US, Cornell offers a one-of-a-kind 5-year study program promising to nurture architectural giants such as Richard Meier and Peter Eisenman, both Cornell graduates. Boasting top-notch professors and cutting-edge technology, Cornell is sure to equip you with all due experience and inspiration for turning your dreams into a reality.

However, the selection process is extremely strict, which is no surprise given Cornell’s ardent pursuit of quality. To make your application stand out, make sure to hone your writing skills with GrabMyEssay professional essay assistants. How well you use word magic has an immense effect on your chances for success, so prepare in advance and leave no stone unturned to craft a stellar application essay!

Architecture Degree at UAL

University of the Arts London (UAL) offers one of the best degrees in architecture, spatial and interior design. UAL is famous for its emphasis on open curriculums and a vast space for electives, encouraging students to gain eclectic knowledge that will help them become well-seasoned architects. According to UAL’s stellar team, architecture cannot be confined to a strict curriculum, as the best architects always draw on general knowledge to craft mesmerizing designs.

With UAL, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals, learn exceptional skills via a wide range of lectures ranging from interior display to retail design, and select specialist courses when you’re ready to choose a specific focus.

Architecture Degree at RISD

If you wish to engage in rigorous, hands-on architecture courses in one of the most cherished universities worldwide, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) might be a great fit. You’ll get a chance to experiment with sophisticated subjects such as photogrammetry, develop interdisciplinary projects, and focus on ethical responsibilities when pondering the aesthetic feel of a space.

At RISD, architecture is an inalienable part of the art school, equipping students with all the skills they need to develop a personal approach to designing spaces, as well as fostering constant reflection, artistic sensibilities, and a keen sense for invention.

Architecture Degree at the University of Notre Dame

Last but not least, the University of Notre Dame is a top-tier university that offers architecture education courses. The rigorous study curriculum is designed to teach you the fundamentals of construction and drawing as the primary drivers of modern architectural form. Pursuing this astonishing bachelors degree will not only equip you with great knowledge but also allow you to spend the entire third year in Rome, where you’ll study the fundamentals of classical architecture, traditional urbanism, and sustainable living.

Wrapping Up

Everything we do, whether it be studying, working, or living, takes place in space. A degree in architecture opens up a plethora of opportunities for you to reinvent spaces around you. As captivating as this sounds, being an architect is an extremely duty-bound profession, as the work you do directly impacts your surroundings and the everyday life of people. That said, make sure to choose among the top 5 best bachelor’s programs in architecture to gain the best knowledge and become an unparalleled professional!

Diane Sherron is a student counselor and blogger. She spends her days helping students overcome the psychological burdens that coexist with hectic college schedules. In her free time, Diane contributes blog posts on topics as varied as education, technology, science, and more.

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