Architecture is a field that constantly explores one’s creativity. You get the opportunity to express yourself with architecture. There have been many great architects in the world, and while many in the past were self-taught, nowadays, you need a proper educational background to call yourself an architect. Training to be an architect involves learning perspective, project design, brainstorming ideas, and much more. To help with your architecture studies and give you some inspiration, here are 5 of the most impressive architecture student projects you’ll find today.

Top 5 Inspirational Architecture Student Projects

Antoni Gaudí is widely considered to be among the best architects that ever lived. He lived in Barcelona all his life, and one of his most famous projects is The Basílica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. However, it might be a bit challenging to replicate that as a student, so we’ll be focusing on these 5 awesome designs.

  • Urban Living Room by Zoe Qiaoyu Zheng
  • Plastic Products by Kamila Widulinski
  • Outer Mission Ramp Library by Yi Hsien Rachel Wang
  • A Living Architecture by Aishwarya Naida Bobbili
  • Food by Aubrey Moore

Urban Living Room by Zoe Qiaoyu Zheng

This project attempts and succeeds at combining private and public spaces on an urban scale. The architect Zoe Qiaoyu Zheng was partly inspired by the social distancing post-pandemic. The Urban Living Room building structure design works well with wind and sunlight. While there are many spaces for privacy, the boundary between private and public has been deliberately blurred. This project was completed as part of Zoe’s bachelor’s thesis, which should give you enough motivation and inspiration to develop your equally impressive design.

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The Plasticity Project by Kamila Widulinski

As plastics continue polluting the planet, “The Plasticity” project aims to find a good use for plastics in building materials. The project aims to reduce plastic production while at the same time recognizing how our existing plastic materials can be used as a resource. The project involves the design of eco-friendly industrial facilities and other zero-waste structures.

Outer Mission Ramp Library – Yi Hsien Rachel Wang

This project is one of the most community-friendly ones on this list. It has a modern design showing that beauty and function can coexist in harmony. The student explores the concept of a learning space that can unite members of the community. The idea is that this would bring people closer and allow interaction. This concept is very insightful and has great practicality in our time. Such a library design can be a safe and attractive hub for interaction. It can aim to draw people together for studying and otherwise, allow them to be more present, and encourage communication outside the digital realm.

A Living Architecture by Aishwarya Naida Bobbili

These days, buildings often appear out of touch with their environment. However, Aishwarya’s “A Living Architecture” project blurs the line between a structure and nature. A building that perfectly blends with its environment can positively influence mental health. While you will need to learn architecture and interior design to create such builds, it’s worth the effort. However, if studying architecture gets too challenging due to essays and reports, you can hire a non plagiarized essay writer that delivers high-quality writing at affordable prices. This website goes on to provide a wide range of services, all dedicated to making students’ lives much easier.

The Crop by Aubrey Moore

Food is a major source of nutrients, and eating is something we do daily. The kitchen is where most of us prepare our meals, so it makes sense to design the space well. Aubrey Moore considers this in her “The Crop” architecture project. It not only offers an innovative design for kitchens but also shows how it can be integrated with growing crops and sharing them with the community.


In Conclusion

There is so much more that goes into architectural design than most people recognize. There’s the aesthetic part most are familiar with, but there’s also the part that considers the impact on our environment. To give your project the best chance of impressing your professors, consider using the projects listed in this article as inspiration.

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Diane Sherron is a freelance writer and an aspiring designer. She enjoys drawing, allowing her to explore her creativity. Diane enjoys providing helpful content to design and architecture students. Besides her work, she loves playing with her dogs.

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