Are you trying to maximise space in your home? Maybe you’ve outgrown your main living areas and want a new room that you can dedicate to one key activity or purpose? If so, you’re not alone. Since the pandemic, many of us have had to adapt how we live. Spending more time at home made many people realise they want to change things up, from making gardens a top priority to reimagining their house.

One way to create a new living space is by converting your basement. This can become a dedicated area for many different functions. Here, we explore the ways you can transform the basement in your property.

Why the basement?

Basements can often be overlooked areas of a home. They can become storage spaces or simply left unused. However, this is a prime space that covers a significant area of the home, so if it’s possible to convert a room, this could be the one that fits the bill.

Before you begin

Before you start moving things around, you’ll need to think about how secure your basement is. Is it watertight? Is it well ventilated? Is it too dark? Assess the space and take the time to work out if it’s suitable for use as something more.

Once you’re certain that you can make changes and that there’s not a risk of flooding or damp forming, you’ll be able to create your new space in your home. But what will you do with it? Some ideas include:

  • Home cinema

If you’ve always wanted a dedicated room where you can watch your favourite films and the latest releases, why not transform your basement into a home cinema? You can keep things basic or, depending on your budget, add some extras like a popcorn machine. As long as you have a blank wall, projector and a comfy chair, you’ll be all set.

  • Home office

Many of us are still splitting our time between the workplace and home, and it looks like hybrid working is here to stay. If you’ve spent the last few years squeezed into your kitchen, why not make the basement your new office area?

If this is a larger space where you can make the home office your own, you could set aside some of your budget for fitted furniture. Add some details that you might not have been able to before, too, and maybe choose a soothing colour scheme.

  • Home gym

If you love to work out but you’re finding it tricky to get to the gym, you might opt to invest in some equipment and set up a dedicated workout area in your basement. Make sure you know the dimensions before you buy any big-ticket items and take the time to decide what you want to get out of having your gym downstairs.

  • Children’s playroom

Let’s face it, the kids’ toys take up a lot of space. If you’re finding that you stand on Lego and bash into drumkits, moving everything to the basement could be the ideal solution. You could paint the walls in vibrant colours and make it a really inviting space where your little ones can enjoy their time playing.

What will you do with your basement?

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