The artist who is known as  Pappas Pärlor, a Swedish artist, creates interactive street art that makes his surroundings a lot more fun.

Karlgren inspired from famous cartoon characters, also his team composed of his kids. The team uses Quixels ( special beads ) as a material, the reason is obvious, it can be easily implemented. They are comprised of a whole lot of colorful cubes, once the creation is built it is set with a spray of water to bind it together. Because of that, you can build a character as big as you want, also can locate everywhere.

You can find that pixelated art at every corner of the streets, on traffic signs, pipes, sculptures, fences and hundreds more. By this means, characters are being unique with environment. You can see Super Mario between mushrooms while dancing ballet or Homer Simpson while standing between bushes.

For the ones who want to get much more information about Pappas Pärlor and his work, click

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