The architectural sphere is a dynamic confluence of artistry and precision, ever-transforming as it absorbs innovations from the wider tech universe. As digital progression sweeps through, the tools we use are not just conveniences—they are game-changers, molding the very essence of design ideation and realization. Our journey through the most influential mobile applications in the architectural realm continues, aiming to bring professionals and enthusiasts closer to the tools that have redefined the contours of modern design.

In the second chapter of this series, we traversed the realms of digital sketching, floor planning, and augmented reality. As we venture further, the horizon broadens, revealing tools that are as multifaceted as the architectural projects they help shape. In this second article of “Best Architectural Mobile Apps” we navigate deeper waters, exploring applications that enhance site evaluations, reimagine sketching paradigms, and revolutionize 3D modeling.

Enter SiteAudit, the unsung hero of site evaluations; Concepts, which promises to rekindle the romance between architects and their sketches; and Shapr3D, a prodigy in the world of 3D modeling. As we delve into the intricacies of these applications, we’ll uncover the latent potential they hold and the transformative impact they can have on your architectural pursuits. Join us on this enlightening journey as we demystify the next set of tools that are sculpting the future of architecture.

Credit: Site Audit Pro – Lemberg Solutions

1. SiteAudit

Best for: Comprehensive Site Evaluations

SiteAudit is an essential tool for architects and construction professionals aiming to streamline their site evaluation process.

  • Integrated Tools: With functionalities like photo capturing, annotations, and geotagging, SiteAudit ensures that architects can collect comprehensive data during their site visits without juggling multiple applications.
  • Collaborative Features: Through real-time synchronization and cloud storage, team members can access, update, and share evaluations seamlessly, promoting collaborative decision-making.
  • Compliance and Safety: SiteAudit’s checklist modules help ensure that site evaluations align with safety standards and local regulations, minimizing potential oversights and liabilities.

2. Concepts

Best for: Flexible Digital Sketching

Concepts breaks the mold of traditional digital drawing apps, offering a more fluid and natural sketching experience for architects.

  • Infinite Canvas: With Concepts, your ideas are never confined. The app offers an infinite canvas, allowing designs to sprawl as creativity flows.
  • Adjustable Precision: Toggle between freehand sketching and precision tools. This flexibility ensures that both rapid ideation and detailed drafting can be accomplished within the same platform.
  • Customizable Toolsets: Architects can curate their tool palette based on project needs, ensuring that their favorite brushes, colors, and tools are always within reach.
    Credit: Layers – Concepts for iOS Manual – Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

3. Shapr3D

Best for: Intuitive 3D Modeling

Designed exclusively for iPad and leveraging the power of Apple Pencil, Shapr3D is redefining the boundaries of mobile 3D design.

  • Direct Modeling Interface: Without the clutter of complex menus, Shapr3D offers a direct modeling experience, ensuring a swift transition from idea to 3D design.
  • High-Resolution Export: From concept presentations to final production, models can be exported in a variety of formats, ensuring compatibility with other design and manufacturing tools.
  • Integration with CAD: Shapr3D doesn’t exist in isolation. It smoothly integrates with established CAD tools, ensuring that architects can easily incorporate it into their existing workflows.
Credit: Behind the Design: Shapr 3D – Discover – Apple Developer

The expansive digital toolkit available to today’s architects is nothing short of transformative. With applications like SiteAudit, Concepts, and Shapr3D, professionals are equipped to tackle various challenges, from initial site evaluations to detailed 3D modeling. These tools, with their unique offerings, are not just enhancing efficiency—they are reimagining the very ways architects conceive, collaborate, and communicate their visions. As we continue this series, we remain committed to spotlighting innovations that empower architects, fostering a future where technology and design walk hand in hand. Stay tuned for more insights as we journey further into the architectural app cosmos.

Credit: Designprogramm für iOS – meine Wahl ist bislang uMake – CAD & Design – 3D-Druck Forum (
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