The Filmmaker’s Hut

This modest hut, created by Pirinen & Salo as a studio for a filmmaker on a wooded site beside Lake Porovesi in Finland, are covered with wooden shingles. Pirinen & Salo, a Helsinki-based firm, designed The Filmmaker’s Hut as a “shrine to cinema,” drawing inspiration from the “mystical” realms of adventure movies. The 15-square-metre apartment is approached through a wooden walkway that goes down the lake’s shoreline and is situated on a gradual slope amid the damaged foundations of an old stone building. The architect wanted both the age and size of The Filmmaker’s Hut to be difficult to deduce, so he used a scale contrast between the enormous gable-roof form, arched window, and little wooden shingles to create a sense of mystery and fantasy.

Open AD’s Cabin Design

ArcThe Ziedlejas Spa and Wellness Resort in Sigulda, Latvia by Open AD features a cluster of Corten steel and glass cabins distributed on a sloping landscape overlooking a pond. The spa was designed as a contemporary twist on local sauna tradition and includes two autonomous steam rooms and three overnight cabins. The three cabins are located at the top of the sloping land, while the Glass Sauna is located at the bottom, carved into the hill and overlooking the pond. The Smoke Room, the second sauna, is located in a neighboring forested area and is made of burned logs with an aged steel roof that resembles traditional sauna constructions.

Chilean Ski Cabin

This holiday home in Chile, designed by Iragüen Viuela Arquitectos, is built on the foundations of a previous building project and can host up to 12 guests. A client commissioned the two-story cabin along the Cautn River so that he could enjoy winter sports with his family at the adjacent resort Corralco, which is known for its extended snow season.

Iragüen Viuela Arquitecto was tasked with finishing the project before the start of the following winter after the client parted ways with another architect and contractor, leaving only the building’s foundations completed.

The existing foundation, which was placed on a bend in the river, was excellent for the residence.  A central open room on the ground floor where the owners and their guests gather for meals and rest. This floor has two bedrooms on either end.


Studentboende was designed by Tengbom Architects as a student unit that is both economical and environmentally friendly, as well as smart in terms of design and material selection. Tengbom, in conjunction with students at the University of Lund in Germany, designed this 10-square-meter student apartment. One of the major challenge was how to address the demands of students in a sustainable, clever, and economical way in this cabin project. Innovative thinking and creative ideas are required to successfully construct affordable student housing. Through legal authorization, the size of each unit is reduced from the current requirement of 25 square meters to 10 square meters. A comfortable sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, and a small garden with a terrace are all included in this wonderfully tiny living flat.


DD16 is cabin prototype was created by BIO-Architects with the weight of every detail taken into consideration so that it could be utilized in extreme conditions. In comparison to ordinary residences, all of the structural parts like the interior finishes, were subject to adjustment. The frame of the cabin is made of laminated wood. The ports aided in the reduction of weight, cold bridges, and gaps. Composite aluminum sheets were used for the outside finishing, allowing for a smooth surface from top to bottom. This is an environmentally friendly and quite lightweight material. There is solar power for electricity, water from the lake, and a bio toilet are among the house’s self-contained systems. The structure is easily adaptable to different situations.

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