Music, movies, photography, design, architecture and many more… Art has many categories inspire us each and everyday. Let’s imagine, a song could be an inspiration for a movie or a photo could be the same for a sculpture. Possibilities are endless as you know, what I am trying to mention is, we need each one of those categories to keep ourselves updated and fresh, and thus we open new tabs in our minds and improve ourselves.

Today, I would like to show you the album covers of known musicians, inspired from architecture. As far as I am concerned they are perfect examples of what I am trying to say, be open minded, be creative in every field. Let’s start!

Artist : Unknown Mortal Orchestra / Unknown Mortal Orchestra – 2011

Cover : The Petrova Gora Monument ( Monument to the Uprising of the People of Kordun and Banija ) – Croatia

Artist : Pink Floyd /  Animals – 1977

Cover : Battersea Power Station – South West London

Artist : Baio / The Names – 2015

Cover : Unnamed Hamburg Residential – Hamburg

Artist : Wilco / Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – 2002

Cover : Marina City, Twin Towers – Chicago

Artist : Drake / Views – 2016

Cover : CN Tower – Toronto

Artist : Architecture in Helsinki / Places Like This – 2007

Cover : Artwork by Big Active

Artist : Air / 10.000 Hz Legend – 2001

Cover : Artwork by Ito Morabito, image features Monument Valley – Arizona, Utah

Artist : Peter Bjorn and John / Writer’s Block – 2006

Cover : Artwork by Kerstin Hanson and Graham Samuels

Artist : Led Zeppelin / Physical Graffiti – 1975

Cover : Building, former tenements on St. Mark‘s Place in New York


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Onur Ataty
Onur Ataty
4 years ago

Last cover photo is originally from Hong-Kong; Kowloon City.

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