1. Site Analysis

“Site analysis is a preliminary phase of architectural and urban design processes dedicated to the study of the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site.”

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2. Architectural Diagrams

“Diagram is the process of abstracting and simplifying an idea so that it can be easily understood. It is a record of physical and spatial features that define the unique and distinctive features of a building, site or program.”

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3. Presentation Boards

“Presentation boards in architecture are the final product that architecture students create to show up their projects in an organized and appealing way, If you have a great project but you can’t show it in a good manner, your project wouldn’t attract the viewers to go deeper and discover its beauty. and if you have an average project and could show it in an astonishing way, it would be worth looking by the people.”

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4. The Concept

“There are some important aspects that a lot of students or young practitioners don’t put into consideration while designing a project. An architect should design for every individual in the society. He should be able to grasp cultural and economic differences, the arc is obliged to try to understand the best ways to empathize with users to initiate a productive and satisfying dialogue.”

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5. Precedents Analysis – How to Read Buildings?

“In this E-book we will learn how to perform the best precedents case studies, In order to understand music and write your own composition, we must first learn how previous music was written and what feelings does it contain! In order to learn a language, we need to learn its letters, sentences, grammar and literature. The same goes for architecture! We have to understand well the precedents to be able to create our own masterpieces!”

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6. The Brief in Architecture

“The short e-book that will change the way you think of your architecture projects! It will help you ask the right questions, then how to answer them! We are going to decipher the architectural brief and understand what is between its lines!”

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7. 50 Tips for Architecture Students

“I can assume that architecture schools are really different from other disciplines. Whether it is the design education system through studio and research, either in terms of the gap between education in high school students and education related to thinking and analytical thinking in the school of architecture. or some other factors, however, this makes learning process difficult for first graders. So I will write down some tips and suggestions within this article mentioning some stuff that I said about “I wish I knew early”…”

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