Instagram is one of the most effective platforms to publish your works and reach a large audience mass either your potential clients, your colleagues or possible future tutors.

This is why it is really important for every architecture student or architect to showcase their works on Instagram through creating your own portfolio on Instagram.

Courtesy from Dagli

There are simple steps to do that:

Your account

Your account has to be public so that everyone can see it, and you can do this easily from: Settings-Privacy.

Your account should be business account so that you can follow the insights of your posts and content. You can switch it into a business account from: Settings-Account-Switch to business account


Your bio should include a professional photo or logo of you.


You have to choose a realistic and professional username.

Write a brief intro about yourself and what you do.

Include your website.

Put your important things on the highlight and use well designed icons.

Choosing your works:

Try to choose your best works to show on your page, that will make people more interested in following you. Try to reduce the number of your personal life. Don’t forget to follow my account on Instagram for updated tips and tricks


Use the Hashtags efficiently and tag the right accounts to gain more engagement.


Create links with your followers and be always in contact with them.


Always post and keep your account active.

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