Estudio Inplace
La Plata, Argentina

The main objective of the architecture and design project for the Berlin offices and workshops is to enhance the site, both as a workspace for its employees as well as as a meeting, exchange and marketing space with clients. We have identified in Berlin a young company, with an innovative profile and willing to become a sector leader at the regional level based on a differential offer, not only in terms of product, but also in customer-focused service. We understand that Berlin hopes to see projected in its workspace the curious spirit that characterizes it and motivates it to be in permanent search of better solutions for its products.

At the same time, this space as host, should promote a differential experience for customers that makes them feel part of it, establish an immediate bond of trust supported by a service system focused on the customer’s experience throughout the entire process.

To do this, values ​​intrinsic to the culture of the company, such as transparency, flexibility, honesty of fair trade, must also be reflected in the physical space. On the other hand, the offices and workshops in Berlin will currently house more than 40 employees, for whom it seeks to design spaces that provide an excellent daily work experience and assist them in the development of their tasks, while anticipating a This growth is expected to double within 18 months, for which the versatility and flexibility of spatial configurations becomes a guiding element in design decisions.

Therefore, the Berlin space must project with the same hierarchy the values ​​identified as identifying traits of the company towards the inside – its own employees – thus fostering a high degree of identification and a sense of belonging that makes them brand ambassadors, as well as outside , reflecting the values ​​of its culture, the causes that motivate it and its business vision. We have approached this work focused on the people who make Berlin today, for which this project hopes to reflect the result of the discovery made and the professional diagnosis.

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