It is always good to start our projects with examining the precedents to learn from our colleagues and as portfolio design is a graphic design project itself, it is important to check the successful examples done by architecture students or young architects to know what makes a portfolio successful, and not to make mistakes that we can avoid if we see successful examples, in the same time checking them will give us a clue about the trend in the portfolio design. In this article I have included 10 examples of successful portfolios made by different architecture students or architects.

Reach Our Portfolio Templates

Check them thoroughly and take notes, then start your magic!

Shohei Yamashita

Annie Z. Wang

Yifu Kang

Davic Tonic

Ferhang Alipour

Laurent Rosset

Justina Namirskaite

Mayuri Paranthahan

Yujin Cao

Arthur Zakrzewski

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