It is always good to start our projects with examining the precedents to learn from our colleagues and as portfolio design is a graphic design project itself, it is important to check the successful examples done by architecture students or young architects to know what makes a portfolio successful, and not to make mistakes that we can avoid if we see successful examples, in the same time checking them will give us a clue about the trend in the portfolio design. In this article I have included 10 examples of successful portfolios made by different architecture students or architects.

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Check them thoroughly and take notes, then start your magic!

Shohei Yamashita

The portfolio cover grabs your attention from the first insight which is a really successful move in order to make the audience more curious about checking your portfolio, the inner design is minimalist and makes the drawings show up clearly. The representation techniques are successful and show the abilities of the portfolio author.

Annie Z. Wang

The careful choice of the color palette makes the portfolio look professional and neat, it helps also the drawings not to be distracting but instead leading and harmonious. The clean lines and nice renderings reflect an original style of the author of the portfolio.

Yifu Kang

The portfolio has such nice diagrams which help the audience to understand the concept and the ideas involved in the portfolio very easily, The choice of the colors is so successful and the harmony between the whole drawings work very well.

Davic Tonic

The original representation techniques that the author have makes his portfolio stand out of the crowd. The variety of the projects represented show the wide range of the experience and the skills that the author has.

Ferhang Alipour

The bold fonts and colors used in the portfolio reflect the courageous character of the author which I find really positive, to get out of the comfort guaranteed zone and to try something different is something which needs some guts! The author did it and he really succeeded at it!

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Laurent Rosset

The style of renderings involved in this portfolio is successful and delivers the message in an efficient way, As we can say that the distinctive representation used here emphasize the skills of the author and makes her portfolio stand out of the crowd.

Justina Namirskaite

The neat drawings and the basically original representation techniques that the author generally have makes her portfolio mostly reaches its goal in a subtle way. The variety of the projects represented show the creativity and the skills that the author literally have in a very major way.

Mayuri Paranthahan

Less is more! The drawings show the perfect ability of the author to use the software mentioned.

Yujin Cao

The bold use of colors in some parts of the portfolio makes us understand that the author has the designer’s eye in choosing the colors.

Arthur Zakrzewski

The careful use of colors makes the portfolio look professional and orderly; it also helps the drawings to be leading and harmonious rather than distracting. The portfolio’s author’s unique style is shown in the clean lines and beautiful renderings.

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