One of the significant part of the design process is presentation boards. Architectural presentations are your biggest chance to convey your style and idea. Choosing the right font means designing your presentations and portfolio in the appropriate language. Below are influential fonts you may use for architectural designs.

Architect – Geometric Typeface

Architect is a digital typeface inspired by the early era of personal computers. Architect can easily pair with many fonts in your project. It creates impactful layouts with headers, logos, and subtexts. This font is able to use for headlines, logos, layouts and content.

Best Fonts For Presentation Boards


The sans-serif font was created by Paul Renner in the 1920s.It is a classic modern graphic design inspired by Bauhaus techniques. This font causes visual exhaustion when it is used in long texts. In the architectural boards, Futura should be used as titles and subtitles.


Neutraface is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Christian Schwartz. It was influenced by the work of modernist architect Richard Neutra and was developed with the assistance of Neutra’s son and former partner, Dion Neutra. The designer has taken care of designing the alphabet according to the architect’s layout It is highly used in architectural presentation as a competitor for Futura.


For presentations that has minimalistic and modern theme presentation, Helvetica is one of the most important font to consider. Designed in the last decade by Eduard Hoffmann and  Max Miedinger, the font is professionally acclaimed. It is extensively used thanks for its concise and balanced design.


Gotham is designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000s.Gotham that is a geometric sans serif font typography can be readily used for paragraphs as well as headers. In architecture, this font should be used in business cards and logos because of its lines transmit a kind of credibility.

Marsek Display

Marsek is a solid display font, created to emphasys big headline, title, single character. Also, it can be used for short description paragraph This sans serif font comes in three sophisticated weights you can mix and match, or use on their own. It’s ideal for used in titles, logos, and posters.

RNS Sanz

RNS Sanz is an architectural font that is clear and clean. It is a functional font with 7 weights, ramping from light to black, small caps, files prepared for Webfont use. Ideal use on the rational architecture.

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque designed by Hannes von Döhren with the geometrical, sans-serif style from the early nineties. The lower width to height ratio of the font provides an elegant typeface for architectural presentations.

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