There are some tragic and tough realities behind being an architecture student. Every student in college will be in these 7 situations. Welcome to the faculty of architecture, where you forget all the difficulties after submitting your project and having a good jury day.

Going everywhere with your heavy backpack

If you’re a student in architecture school, you’ll have to take your computer everywhere you go. Due to architecture students always have homework or need to improve their design projects. Wasting time and hanging out with your friends while you have homework makes you feel guilty. For this reason, you will go everywhere with your heavy backpack that your computer, sketchbook, markers inside.

Sleep deprivation

One of the biggest myths known is that architecture students are sleep deprived. This is a fact because design studios and other classes take up most of the day. Students usually do their homework during bedtime. If you want to hang out with your friends and go out of town on the weekend, you definitely know that you will get very little sleep that week. During jury week, this means never sleeping. You wander around like a zombie for days without sleeping in order to complete your project.

Spending all of your money on markers, paper, art supplies, and model supplies

Lovely markers, quality sketchbooks, books by famous architects, materials for physical models, paints, papers… If you are an architecture student, you love to spend time in stationery and all your money on these items. Moreover, it is a kind of pleasure to spend all your savings on stationery because they are inspiring things for your designs. Most of architecture students give attention to their clothes or even appearance, to markers and sketchbooks.

7 Things Only Architecture Students Will Understand

“WHY?” question

In the first time of architecture school, you will meet the “Why?” question and always keep hearing. Students present their designs at nearly each studio or on the jury day. Critics are essential to your projects and it’s often difficult to get positive reviews from your professors. You will get used to hear the question of why and explain yourself with patience. In fact, everything you create in architecture must have a meaning, and by asking this question your professors will teach you to think like an architect.

Coffee is part of the design

Sleepless nights, tough jury weeks, endless homework, the only way to keep your eyes open in morning classes: drinking coffee. Since coffee has almost become a culture in architecture, we can say that it is a part of design. However, be careful not to consume too much coffee and of course not to spill it on your drawings or your computer!

Relationship with friends from other colleges

If you are the only architecture student in your friend group, no one will understand you. Your friends find your life is very tough and stressful. The architecture student, who has homework each day of the semester, is often unable to attend others’ parties and weekend plans. However, after the project submission, you have a nice celebration with your friends.

Finally, it’s jury day

Jury days, the day you present and submit your project to a group of architects and professors. Sometimes heavy criticism can be made in the jury, sometimes very good things are said. For some students, a small compliment will make them feel like the best architect in the world. No matter what, it will always be motivating for your project to be appreciated and to get high grades.

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