TED talks with speakers from all over the world have been motivating and inspiring us on many issues for years. Let’s take a look at TED talks that can inspire architects and give new perspectives!

Daniel Libeskind – 17 Words architectural inspiration

Daniel Libeskind, one of the successful and frequently mentioned Polish architect, focuses on 17 words of inspiration for architects in this TED talk. You should listen it from the creator of big ideas, Libeskind, which forms the basis of his own architectural vision and can inspire creative pursuits for every architect.


Norman Foster – My Ggreen agenda

Norman Foster, winner of the 1999 Pritzker Prize architect, demonstrates how computers can help architects design green and pollution-free buildings in this TED talk from 2007. You should watch this talk with its interesting subject, which Foster discusses through his own work.

“The Emotional Impact of Architecture”  Talks

This is a playlist that describes the emotional impact of architecture with 8 TED Talks. There are inspiring talks on the impact of architecture on people and the environment in the playlist, which you can access on TED’s website. While listening to the valuable architects and city planners, you will see examples from the world and think about architecture and the emotions it creates.

Neri Oxman – Designing at the intersection of technology and biology

Next up is a TED talk by Neri Oxman, with her nature-inspired designs from building scale to microscale. She seeks ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world and leads many designers and researchers in this regard. With a lab at the intersection of materials engineering and synthetic biology, Oxman also works on both microorganisms and additive designs. She and her team are leading a new era of symbiosis between the human body, its productions and buildings.

Jeff Speck- 4 Ways to make a city more walkable

City planner and author of the book “Walkable City” Jeff Speck shares the theory of walkability in this TED Talk. He talks about getting rid of cars, getting rid of clutter, freedom to walk in your city. He explains 4 city planning principles for transforming large cities, which include highways in today’s cities, into safe, walkable spaces filled with bike lanes and tree-lined streets.

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