In recent years, Instagram is the most popular platform where both architectural shares and daily life shares are made. Architects use Instagram for inspiration and to reach more people. For you, we have mentioned 5 Instagram accounts that architects should follow. In addition to all these, do not forget to follow the accounts of your favorite architectural offices, architect, and artists!


Still not following Illustrarch’s instagram page? Follow our Instagram page, where inspiring architectural drawings and illustrations are shared Daily. It is possible to be notified of new articles of the website via Instagram stories. Also, tag #illustrarch in your posts to make us share your drawings!


Architects and architecture students should follow Parametric Architecture on Instagram, which is one of the biggest pages among the Instagram pages that share architectural posts. This account, which regularly shares various posts on computational and parametric design, is in parallel with the website.


Defining themselves as a multidisciplinary space that raises voices in art, design and architecture, this account is one of the biggest accounts architects should follow. SUPERARCHITECTS shares works of art from many disciplines, not just architecture, actually doing exactly what we need. Sometimes it’s good for architects to enhance their skills with different arts and designs. Give this account a chance to share inspiring designs all over the world.

Portfolio Mentor

There is something else in architecture that you will need as much inspiration as your projects, of course the architectural portfolio. Your portfolio will develop over time, depending on your current work and improving your presentation techniques. You can follow the Portfolio Mentor account for inspirational works and consultancy for a better portfolio. Also tag #portfoliomentor in your posts if you want to share your portfolio.

 She’s the Architect

In this Instagram account, the works and lives of female architects are “celebrated,” by their own definition. You may follow She’s the Architect that supports women architects and shares these successful works in their posts. Architects should follow this account, with its posts trying to explain not only the works of architects, but also their project approaches and perspectives on life from past to present.

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