Architects must submit their projects successfully to stand out among other candidates in job or school applications. Of course, this happens with a successful and well-designed architectural portfolio! How would you like to take a look at the portfolio checklist we have listed for you before preparing your portfolio?

Cover Design

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Cover design is very important for your portfolio to attract attention and to give clues about its content and the character of your projects. The cover design should reference the rest of the portfolio, you should design according to the character and style of your content. The cover design should be both front and back.

For the front cover design, it should be written who the portfolio belongs to and the projects made between which years. The back cover can be without text as a continuation of rest of the design. However, some portfolios include contact information on the back cover. This is good design so that those who review your portfolio do not return to the first page for your contact information.

Graffic Design 

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Graffic design is the Use the power of graphic design to present your projects in the best way! With original and successful graphic design, it is possible to show your projects well from start to finish.

Resume & CV

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What does it mean for a resume to be strong? It means having your job or internship experiences in well-known offices and including good references from there. Your CV should include your school and your experiences, your proficiency on architectural software and even how you are good at.

Projects & Content

Photo Source: Architecture Portfolio — Vanani Vasundhara

The layout of the projects in the portfolio is quite important, try to place your projects not chronologically, starting with the best project is much better. It would be successful if the renders were edited as professionally and atmospherically as possible, and the technical drawings should be simple and clear. Try to explain your projects with architectural diagrams instead of long articles. Try to keep the content of the projects you choose in your portfolio simple and put all the visuals separately. One of the most important things for portfolio is that all projects and your entire portfolio are readable and have a character.

Photo Source: ARCHITECTURE | Portfolio 2015 on Behance
Photo Source: ARCHITECTURE | Portfolio 2015 on Behance

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