Jennyfher Alvarado Figueroa + Álvaro González Serrano
Logroño, España
2023 + @jaf.architecture

A red carpet that transitions from the landscape to a found domestic space, behind the curtain appears a raised table, where visitors gather to share an experience through the senses and create bonds with the context. Hollows in the façade reflect the movement of the interior, but without competing with the importance of the landscape, these views are framed with a subtle red ribbon, which links the ever-present context with the interior activity. Odors permeate the interior of the space, delicate notes that refer to the quality of the product and past family experiences around a table.

A raised table, which is landscape and savors it, smells it, sees it and lives it, experiencing ¨Bodegas Lan¨.

A machine for generating experiences and connecting the people with the landscape. A subtle built intervention, and a landscape intervention, a red carpet, that extends, guides and introduces.

The elevated volume generates two situations, one superior, human and inhabited, and the other inferior, natural. A volume that orders the landscape and its elements.

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