Guangzhou, China

Hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, lies the Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou. Time seems to slow down here, providing a respite from the glitz and glamour of the metropolis to experience the unique charm of the Orient.

The entrance design is inspired by fan (扇), the symbol of Mandarin Oriental, which is homophonous to goodness (善) in Chinese. The design integrates natural elements with modern creativity and draws from the beauty of oriental culture.

The grand entrance is noble and elegant while exuding subtle classical charm. Paintings and sculptures create an art gallery atmosphere, adding a delicate artistic ambiance.

A garden brimming with green, a refreshing wandering experience

A touch of green leads to the Mandarin Cake Shop, a desirable peaceful haven for the soul. Like a green garden, the cake shop is surrounded by lush greenery and warm sunshine, relaxing guests’ minds and bodies.

As one steps inside, the busy road outside gives way to the cozy interior atmosphere. The green setting seems to bring in the aroma of plants and refreshing air, offering sensory comfort and soothe the soul. The interplay of light and shadows elevates the spatial hierarchy, highlighting the exquisite cakes and patisseries that invite guests to savor. The display cabinets are crafted with classic French-style curved lines and antique rust-proof dark bronze, deliberately creating a contrast between the old and the new in this pure place.

A cross-century fusion of art

A scroll of paintings, a celebration of the charming Lingnan gardens

The interior design draws inspiration from Thomas Allom’s illustrations of Lingnan gardens, incorporating various elements such as rocks, water, plants, and architecture. This creates a natural interconnected spatial sequence through the organization of routes and scenography.

The unique design and iconic spatial structure merge to create a wonderful cultural connection. The unique display cabinet in the center resembles an exquisite jewelry box with an ingenious retractable design of pull-out drawers, enhancing a luxurious and romantic ceremonial sense.

The set of paintings helps to eliminate boundaries of the space, filling the space with cultural connotation and artistic beauty, and embodying a sense of modern refinement and traditional humanistic charm.

Sweet and romance

Screens and artistic paintings featuring grilles create a strong oriental atmosphere and poetic aesthetics. The delicious food and the inviting space complement each other perfectly, offering an appealing and appetizing afternoon tea, a perfect remedy for relieving anxiety.

The indoor floor tile patterns, screens, art paintings, and other ornaments echo the authentic Lingnan cultural elements, such as Lingnan window patterns, furniture, and gardens.

Craftsmanship and ingenuity

The bar area, designed with an appropriate proportional division of lines and interweaving volumes, again echoes Lingnan culture and modern low-key luxury. The customized bar counter and cabinet are simple in shape, functionality-oriented, and integrated harmoniously with the space.

Beyond gustatory pleasure

The private VIP rooms are also meticulously designed to create a romantic and relaxing artistic atmosphere through a minimal design approach. Thomas Allom’s illustrations of Lingnan gardens adorn the walls, and the window lattice allows for the interplay of light and shadow, creating a dynamic and enriched view.

The intentionally undecorated walls are juxtaposed with drapes and decorative lines to add visual interest, capturing the essence of Oriental Lingnan culture while also articulating a contemporary narrative of Lingnan.

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