Heli Patel + Samarth patel
Ognaj, Ahemdabad, Gujarat

Located in the city of Udaipur, this luxuriously designed 5BHK home has an ornate charm spread across the entire floor. The designers stepped out of their creative process to envision this abode in its prime glory in luscious and pristine white. The narrative is a fusion of two notable design styles that are timeless. The regal personalities of traditional design and Roman intricacies spark the elegance of every space in this residence.

‘Neo nostalgia’ reflects the refined way of blending styles that purposefully fulfills an area of 4000 sq. ft. The planning is seamlessly divided with private spaces on one side of the house and common areas on the other. “While we knew we wanted to keep the ideation of design pretty much rooted, the evolution panned out to be much more inclusive of other styles,” says Lt. Anubhav Battnagar, under whose mentorship this project is executed. The apartment is also equipped with stay-for-house help, taking the convenience and comfort of the residents up a notch. The main entry opens to the formal living room, stepping in through the main door hints at the artistic sophistication of the spaces beyond. The space is dipped in harmony, with wainscoting adorns the walls – continuing to the ceiling and through designed light fixtures that pair with chandeliers. The seating further amplifies the royal language, with its ornamented pieces of furniture pieces. While the sand-colored sofas tune well with the pure white colour of the walls, there is a whip of sky blue in the form of lounge chairs.

The informal living room is separated from the formal seating area by differentiating the colors of the upholstery. The singular C-shaped piece of seating ties the entire room layered with white leather, and faces the entertainment unit. With a recessed surface, the TV unit has stone carvings in a deep bronze shade – a spot of texture in a blanket of spotless white. The circulation zone integrates the details of columns on walls with Roman philosophy.

The formal seating separates the private suites through an archway, supported strongly by decorated columns. The informal living room leads to the dining area, Pooja room, and kitchen. The mood of the dining area shifts to a more regal tone. Opening up to a balcony beyond, the blinds open to let in the soft sunshine in the morning. The customized crockery cabinet has a contemporary inspiration paired with a dining table and chairs that are ornamentally created.

The breezy heart of the kitchen lies in the marble that wraps its walls. There is a layered subtlety here for the overall feel of the kitchen is doused in modern design. There is an incorporation of traditional values through motif carvings on overhead cabinets. The puja room faces the dining, and the highlight wall is a CNC cut of floral heaven. Separated by sheer curtains, the warm yellow lights emanate spirituality and peace. On the opposite side lies the master bedroom and a mini home theatre converted from a bedroom.

The master bedroom has a stated aura that is quite enchanting. The wainscoting wall is dipped in white and the bed frame is in the deep wood. The quaint details in the bed structure and ribbed projection suggest how connected the spaces are through ideology. An additional material to the palette, the cane maintains the warmth incredulously and is the focal point of this room. The study area engages further, blending itself in the dark hue of the wooden layer.

Across the floor, the central circulation leads from the formal living room to the private chambers. The Corinthian detailing is made out of GRC, which enters a realm of layered luxury and a seamless blend of styles. Straight up the passage, the doorway leads to the guest bedroom. Even though smaller in size, the guest bedroom is a spectacle of sorts. It is a space where the context of Udaipur comes in and is reflected through the design. The wooden jaali signifies fine craftsmanship, and the bay window is developed through local inspiration.
The children’s bedrooms are on either end of the passage. They both show that their heart lies in art, vernacular, and modern. While one room has an impressive backdrop for the bed, with ribbed columns supporting an arch, the other one has waves engraved on the back of the bed. The rooms are studded with playfulness – one with floral carving, the other following a contemporary approach. The bedroom design is further completed through a generous study area. From experimenting with textures to styles that surpass imagination, ‘Neo Nostalgia’ is palpable to store memories within its well-articulated and creatively designed soul.



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