Vera Glazeva + Daria Igoshina
Moscow Architectural Institute

The form of our building is the manifest of the ability of adjusting to the situation and environment wherein being perfect in its own uniqueness and irregularity of shape. We all have to face the fact that we aren’t the same and we are unique and beautiful in our own way. Each of us also has problems with which he or she has to cope with during his or her lives. Each story is to be heard and each person is to find help to feel oneself understood and being in safety.

The shape of our building is to illustrate this problem. The materials we use are concrete, wood, glass and steel. We believe that these materials can help one feel oneself in safety and comfort in our building. The material of wood is very warm and pleasant for the human while concrete is the classic and neutral material of the calm color which doesn’t annoy the psyche. There’re exhibition space on the ground floor and the conference rooms for lectures and discussing the psychological theme in the main housing. In these spaces the lectures for everyone who wants to learn something new or important in the scientific psychological world, can be held. Thus this public space attracts more attention to this problem increasing the level of psychological literacy by that defeating the stigma for stigma often is the result of absence of knowledge. Also in the second housing one can visit yoga, dance lessons and therapy no matter has he or she any psychological problems or not. This also contributes to communication.

The second floor of the main housing is more of a private space where one can discuss his or her problems with the specialist. Here we have rooms both of individual and group therapy. Also here we have flexible communication and lounge zone combined with library where people can spend their free time.

The aim of this competition was to imagine and design a place where one can be heard and supported. It is considered by many people that mental health is the area in which one can (and must) get no help from the outer world. If one faces any problems with this sphere, he or she often find oneself misunderstood and left by closer people. It is a mistake. Actually it is more like as if one have broken one’s leg. If such happens one goes to see a doctor. And asks for help. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help when one has any mental troubles. On the contrary, often it is the only way out. On the plan you can see that the form of our building is «inviting» you to visit it and open to everyone from the street.
The inner space is connected with the pedestrian roads so that you can get to the «heart of the building» (the garden) both from the main road and from the little footpaths. Thus the building becomes attractive for the visitors and its centric focus creates favorable atmosphere for communication and mutual assistance. Flowing lines and big arc windows create an atmosphere of calmness and safety. Through big windows a lot of light can penetrate into the space of the building even if the weather is overcast.
The plan of our building has its own center which can be compared to such important symbols as the sun or a tree trunk from which rays disperse. The composition is centric which means it has its own heart. Thus favorable atmosphere is created among the people, visitors of the centre. This atmosphere oriented to the centre is conducive to communication and artistic work within the society.
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