Haidy Mousa
Cairo, Egypt

The journey through the shopping mall should be different and integrate between the experience inside and outside with the surrounding environment, and respond to human needs; what they need to see and feel while they are doing their activities inside. The project aims at energizing people and community and integrating Architecture with Nature, to make the project economically, socially and environmentally viable. The concept of Walkway is to create an administrative commercial complex to cope with the modern city and give the feeling of freedom by creating an urban street for shopping inside the mall to have a different experience with bigger open spaces connected.


The project includes shops, cafes, department stores, restaurants, hypermarket, food court, kids’ area, banks, and office spaces. The mall has two entrances, the main entrance and the side one. The activities are divided to attract visitors to all spaces and floors. The magnetic activities, such as the hypermarket, food court, cinemas, and department stores are put in the middle and on the upper floors. The circular restaurants are luxurious ones and including green areas and act as the main node of the project. Banks and office spaces are created to serve and energize the shopping mall. A space for kids is located away from the streets and entrances for privacy and security. The passage is opened to give the feeling of freedom, increase the interaction between inside and outside and provide natural ventilation and illumination.

The masses are connected through bridges on each floor, provided by green elements. The main entrance is facing the south, that’s why the louvres are installed to reflect the sun rays and decrease solar radiation. Water features are installed outside and inside the mall to give a fresh breeze and reduce the effect of the hot climate. The roof of the second roof is slanted to reflect the sun rays and decrease sunrays radiation. The parking area is underground to save the spaces for the activities and green spaces.

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